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Requiem. A dream. A prayer. A kingdom for those cursed, those exiled, those whom men call "weredragons." A homeland for those who can grow wings, breathe fire, and rise as dragons.

Dawn of Dragons, an epic fantasy trilogy, tells the story of Requiem's birth, wars, and hope. This bundle includes all three novels in the trilogy.

BOOK 1: REQUIEM'S SONG: Weredragons, men call them. Monsters. Cursed ones. People who can turn into dragons. Can these lost souls bind together and forge a kingdom of their own?

BOOK 2: REQUIEM'S HOPE: Requiem is birthed in blood and fire, but enemies rise to destroy it. Raem, King of the Abyss, leads a host of demons to crush Requiem. Can this fledgling kingdom of dragons survive?

BOOK 3: REQUIEM'S PRAYER: Requiem burns. Raem, the Demon King, sends forth monstrous sphinxes to slay every last dragon. To survive, Requiem's dragons must fly to their darkest battlefield–the unholy Abyss itself.

In 2011, the Song of Dragons trilogy introduced readers to mythical Requiem, a kingdom whose people can become dragons. The Requiem novels have gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies, captivating readers around the world. Dawn of Dragons goes back in time to Requiem's earliest days, telling an epic story—for both new readers and old fans—of loss, hope, and dragonfire.


Dawn of Dragons
Book 1: Requiem's Song
Book 2: Requiem's Hope
Book 3: Requiem's Prayer

Song of Dragons
Book 1: Blood of Requiem
Book 2: Tears of Requiem
Book 3: Light of Requiem

Book 1: A Dawn of Dragonfire
Book 2: A Day of Dragon Blood
Book 3: A Night of Dragon Wings

The Dragon War
Book 1: A Legacy of Light
Book 2: A Birthright of Blood
Book 3: A Memory of Fire

Requiem for Dragons
Book 1: Dragons Lost
Book 2: Dragons Reborn
Book 3: Dragons Rising

Flame of Requiem
Book 1: Forged in Dragonfire
Book 2: Crown of Dragonfire
Book 3: Pillars of Dragonfire

Dragonfire Rain
Book 1: Blood of Dragons
Book 2: Rage of Dragons
Book 3: Flight of Dragons

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 19
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Foxbythebay ,

I love dragons

Before I read this, I didn’t think much of dragons. Didn’t really see anything to interesting. After reading this, I can say that my thought and ideas of dragons have tripled in size. This trilogy has change my perspective so much! I love this series and it is on my favorites list. Anyone who enjoys imagination and creativity will find this book as amazing as I do

FlayTheDragon ,


This series is my favorite series in the world, I'm writing a similar book, then I found this book, it seemed so good and similar. Now I can see what the reactions are, my book is named "magic paws". Might change the name though... But the books inspired me and made me confident and pray to the stars

missdotti ,

These could have been great stories

I tried to love this trilogy. I really did. Had the author spent a bit more time actually fleshing out his characters instead of repeating the same facts over and over again in each and every chapter they're mentioned in, perhaps I could have loved these books.
Maybe had the author also took some time to fill the story in with more actual story instead of constant battle after battle after battle... The author didn't care about his characters as much as he cared about bloodshed. I can tell you the color of each and every dragon, and describe in detail the entrails of his demons, but I honestly couldn't tell you what truly drives the characters to be who they are beyond "We're dragons blessed by the stars!"

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