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"Impressive work, and great fun!" -- Greg Bear, Author of Hull 03 and The Forge of God 

"It may seem a fine thing in song or story to be ankle-deep in the blood of your enemies but in reality it's slippery, smells bad and is nearly impossible to get out of your socks afterwards." From the diaries of Engvyr Gunnarson 

Dwarves as you have never seen them before! Born in slavery, created and given the abilities to help a powerful, despotic being forge a dark empire. But the dwarves rebelled, cast down their master and forged their own nation in the mountainous wilderness of the north. Armed with powerful air rifles they formed elite regiments of riflemen to defend their homeland, and they have become the pre-eminent military power in the north. Fiercely independent, they are determined that no dwarf will ever again wear the chains of slavery. 

Engvyr Gunnarson, a simple miner's, has risen to be a distinguished veteran and a Ranger of the Mountain Guards. He wants nothing more than to live his life. But when an ancient enemy rises in the North he finds himself at the center of the conflict, with not merely the freedom of his people but the fate of all of humanity hanging in the balance... and the habit of heroism is a hard one to break. 

In Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman magic, science and technology work hand-in-hand to create a new kind of fantasy world.

Told with humor and humanity, it is a story of how one man-- or dwarf-- can change the world


Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 25
Michael Tinker & Linda Pearce
Draft2Digital, LLC

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