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Asian women are among men’s most favorite, due to their caring behavior, dedication to family values and, obviously, for being among the most beautiful women in the world.
As this planet changes furthermore into a melting pot of different cultures, the understanding of what makes us different allows a better assimilation of the characteristics that enable more harmony among people of different backgrounds.
Every human being is unique and we must be aware that when analyzing a concept as vague as Asian women we’re basically dealing with stereotypes as well as tendencies, common behaviors and, at most, probabilities, that couldn't represent all women in Asia or abroad.
Within these boundaries, this book won’t try to explain the reasons behind the facts, but rather describe what can be expected from a relationship with an Asian woman.
The knowledge here presented resumes years of interviews with hundreds of women in Asia regarding their expectations, needs and believes, but also with men that married them.
For more than six years there was a quest to identify the paradigms that women from these countries have, but along the way it became evident that it has complex, unique, historical and political backgrounds supporting it, and that’s why we may notice dramatic changes in those living abroad.
Nevertheless, the strong link they keep with their families assures that the influence of their heritage remains as a major compulsive determinant of their thoughts and actions.
Based on evidences found, it is believed that this is probably one of the most updated and accurate of modern manuals on the topic of dating Asian women.
This book won’t show special tricks or techniques to make an Asian woman fall in love immediately, but it does describe them within a wider explanation demonstrating why they're effective, how and in which way.
For this reason, this book could be useful for both men and women from any culture, as it allows a better understanding of certain societies and the role of women inside them.
The content here exposed has been widely debated among groups of Asian women and they all recognized the truth in it, even though they’re unable to accept their lack on insights about why this represents their reality.
Some do want to change and become more truthful to their individuality, but the strong bound to their own group of belonging leads them to a life in which not having an identity or personal opinion is a skill that is as much requested as it's demanded to survive, socialize and prosper.
It's at this point that the concept of being human applies to an extent in which labeling some as Asian just because of appearance would be a diminishing approach to understanding who they truly are.
However, the vast majority, due to a huge amount of reasons and even when confronted with their believe-system, will always continue to do what this book describes, and that’s why this knowledge can be so efficient.
For married couples this perspective can actually help improve their relationship and make it more harmonious, by providing explanations about the interrelation of Asian values with others.
The principles here presented have been exposed and taught to both Western and Chinese men to make sure that the knowledge was 100% correct and the results were always as expected. But, more than providing a clear, precise and successful method to finally understand Asian women and know how to date them, make them happy and be the one they want to marry with, this book has a higher and wider intention and that’s making this world a better place for everyone.
Cultures serve a purpose and they should change as we change for the better, but while they don't we can make an effort to understand them.

January 14
22 Lions Bookstore
Draft2Digital, LLC

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