Hornet's Nest

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Katherine Klein has been warned: Stay far away from Lance Walton. After one night in the country, the quintessential city girl has the unwanted attention of the infamous country boy. For months, she’s been dodging his advances, but a moment of weakness changes everything.

Lance Walton felt immediately drawn to Katherine from the moment she knocked on his best friend’s door Christmas morning. Winning over this city girl is a mountain of a task for any country boy, but Lance is up to the challenge. He never expected the morning he left her naked at The Inn would be the last time he would see her.

In the aftermath of her bad decisions, Katherine returns to the city. Haunted by what they shared and all she lost, she vows to never return to the country. But the country finds her unexpectedly when Lance shows up in the most unlikely place. But does he have the country boy charm to break through the walls of her heart and outshine the big city competition?

February 3
Jaycee Ford
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Unbound Passion ,

Favorite Hero of the Series, Least Favorite Heroine.

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Judging a Book by it's Cover:
Skies look turbulent, but the rays of hope are still shining through for the out-of-place cowboy. Synopsis sounds a little more interesting that the last one and bringing back a bit of suspense will be good.
Looking Deeper:
First person POV, alternating perspectives clearly defined.
Hornet's Nest begins by briefly recapping Lance and Katherine's first time meeting over Jordan's kidnapping (book 1), then highlights a scene from their POV from Jordan and Tom's wedding (books 1 and 2). I'm a little torn on these characters. Lance has proven himself totally redeemable and kind-hearted. I think he's my favorite of the three best male friends. Katherine, on the other hand, I was really on the fence about. Anyone who drinks to a hangover point on a regular basis (work night's included) and can polish of a bottle of wine without even a slight buzz raises some serious red flags with me. Showing up hungover and the boss joking about it? Not professional. Secondary characters are comprised of a larger variety in this book, taking you out of the country and into Charlotte. We are reacquainted with Tom, Jordan, Paul, and Ellie along with a few locals and we meet new characters: co-workers, parents, godchildren and others. I seriously hated Josh and wished an anesthesia-free castration on him. Overall cast interaction was believable. Chemistry between our main characters felt natural, realistic. There were several times where lack of or mis- communications were at play, but again, Katherine rubbed me the wrong way with how she handled a lot of it. Lance really should have been sainted by the end to put up with it and still WANT a forever with her! The story flowed well and was each to read and follow. The plot was more dynamic than the second book, but not as exciting as book one. This one, however, DID draw me in emotionally more than the other two. Lance drew me in. He made me smile, he made me tear up. He made me be angry on his behalf ... he made me feel. Well done, Ms. Ford. Predictability was relatively low, although there were a few rather foreseeable things that were inevitable. The conclusion is solid enough although I would have loved to have seen if Teague gained an ally.
In all, this book **CAN** stand alone, BUT I'd highly recommend you read WATCHING FIREFLIES, then DRAGONFLY AWAKENING before this one to gain a richer, fuller, and more rewarding story experience. This trilogy plays out like a surround sound IMAX story. It's unique in that way, but it's not overly done where any part feels redundant.
Rating: 4 [R] ~ Score: 4.1 ~ Stars: 4

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