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Clae has always dreamed of being a knight for the Amüli Republic, yet this may never come to pass, as the amüli government believes he is behind the Unsouled stillbirths plaguing the Republic.

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Summer 2017 – Best Fantasy

"This is a very well-written, fully imagined alien world that Kira McFadden has created. The descriptions are deep and often poetic, the characters, though alien, are very relatable. Long on vivid details, rich with sights and sounds and emotions. I found myself captured early and... I will definitely buy the rest of the series." ~ Duane Lindsay

In recent years, many amüli infants have been born Unsouled, their soul casings blackened and dead. When the Amüli Republic's ruling body turns to Lord Marik Aneys for answers, his research discovers blame may lie with the half-amüli, half-human Clae Vojtech—Marik's close cousin.

Clae, unaware that the Republic suspects him of causing the Unsouled stillbirths, wants nothing more than to be a knight for the Republic. However, if he doesn't venture to Earth to find the Soulbound human that hosts his soul, he could end up Soulless like his mother—dead without actually dying.

Marik isn't the only one intent on learning about Clae's influence within the Republic. An ekra necromancer named Eti has traveled halfway across the continent to find him—and now, nothing will stop Eti from taking Clae back to the ekra people.

When Clae learns the Republic wants to stop him from finding his Soulbound, he'll do anything to survive—including fleeing to Earth and unintentionally damning his people to extinction.

"I got this book for free in return for writing an honest review but I'm off to buy Parts 2 and 3 right now. And, to be honest, while I love sci-fi, I normally don't love books with lots of weird aliens as main characters. But this one deserves all the praise I can give it. Kira McFadden writes the best prose I've read in many years. Long descriptions have a tendency to become boring quickly. Not so with McFadden. I found myself swept away by her descriptive prose, following the images as they unfolded in my mind's eye." ~ Lizard Duck

Evolved Publishing presents the first part of the first book in the epic fantasy series "Soulbound." Discover the fantastic and imaginative world of the Amüli. [DRM-Free]

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March 21
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