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"Essential Photography Tips" is mainly intended for fresh DSLR owners who are looking to enhance their photographic skills. Most of the tips presented in this book can be easily adopted by a mirrorless camera owner too. 

We will start by diving into composition. This is what matters most, composition rules should become a habit, and you have to be able to apply them without judging too much. We will then continue with a series of “How to” topics: “How to shoot a portrait”, “How to shoot a landscape” and so on. 

Next we have some DO’s and DON’Ts. Among them are “Do not be afraid to go out on a cold day” and “Embrace the fog”. In the end we are covering tips on camera usage, general framework, post-production, and recommended accessories.

Now let’s get to work and remember: no matter how much you read, it’s worthless if you don’t practice. Go out and practice! Actually, we have a chapter dedicated to this, so move on :-)

This is the first book of "Essential Photography Tips" series. The series continues with “Essentials Travel Photography Tips”, a book providing usable tips to any traveler wishing to improve his or her photographic skills. Reading the book you will find out how to plan your trip, where to find useful information, what equipment you shall carry, what to do in location, how to take care of your family, which schedule to have, how to deal with different shooting situations, how to better compose your pictures, how to make a backup plan, or how to stay out of trouble.

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October 5
Chris Jock
Draft2Digital, LLC

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