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A One-of-a-Kind Chronological Old Testament Commentary

How old is the earth according to the Bible? Earth's Sacred Calendar: The Dated Events of the Old Testament details the dates of over 1,200 Old Testament events in chronological order. This is the only Old Testament chronological commentary that shows the Biblical inerrancy of the dated events in Scripture. All exact and estimated dates are calculated from the start date of the Exodus in 1445 BC using only the Masoretic Old Testament text. 

This one-of-a-kind Bible chronology also includes free access to more than 100 pages of downloadable charts to show how the 364-Day calendar, consistent with Scripture, digitally generates all currently used solar calendars. The reader of Scripture will see clear scientific evidence that the source of the Biblical text cannot be solely of human origin. 

If you have ever wanted to know the age of the earth according to the Bible, Earth's Sacred Calendar is for you. Earth's Sacred Calendar is the result of over nine years of detailed and scientific research. This book contains new information about our understanding of the precise nature of the Biblical text in the following ways:

1. This book is the only chronological Old Testament commentary that shows the Biblical inerrancy of the exact number of years from Creation Week to the Birth of Jesus in 5 BC that matches the Biblical text.

2. This unique Bible Timeline research uses many charts to show how the 364-Day calendar of the Old Testament digitally generates the most scientifically accurate Gregorian solar calendar year.

3. This Old Testament commentary provides clear evidence that the source of the precise dated years and events in the Bible cannot be explained as coming only from human authors.

4. This book is currently the only Bible chronology that presents detailed charts and scientific research about the 364-Day calendar consistent with the dated events in the Old Testament.

5. This is the first book that shows how the exact dates of Daniel’s 70 Weeks prophecy can be calculated to connect the different calendars of the Old and New Testaments.

6.  Using only the dated years in the Bible, this research concludes the real age of the earth is exactly 6,113 solar years plus 14 days on Sunday, November 3 in 2013 AD, according to the currently used solar Gregorian calendar. The above date is exactly 2,017 solar years from the calculated date of the birth of Jesus in 5 BC.

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April 12
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James L. Liles