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If your soul has been plunged into the dark depths of despair, how hard would you fight to claw your way back to the surface? Can the life you lost be restored, or is it destined to be forever phased out of existence? Fated to dissolve into a distant memory.

The Black Market—a ferocious, starving beast. An endless sinkhole of precious valuables; the playground for blood-thirsty power seekers. Only one thing feeds its hunger like no other…human life.

A sinister criminal ring has descended on the small town of Norton Springs, instilling fear in the residents. A vicious wave of disappearances coupled with the gut-wrenching horror of infants being ripped from the arms of their helpless mothers has the town quaking in terror.

When Gabe Thornton strolls back into his hometown, his main goal is to claim the one woman that has always denied her feelings for him—Nora Jacobs. The last thing he expects is to be thrust into a storm of devastation and chaos. Will his strength be enough to save them from the dark souls that threaten to destroy their chance at happiness?

Broken futures. Shattered dreams. Mind-numbing loss. When your heart has been ripped away from you—how do you find the will to go on?

No one is safe. Everything you thought you knew is about to change in this second installment in The Darkness Series.

Warning: Due to adult content and graphic situations, this book is intended for readers 18 and up. 

Fiction & Literature
June 29
Cassia Brightmore
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Megg9911 ,


I'm literally sick to my stomach right now. I wish it hadn't ended.....

This was an amazing book. Well written and the characters are still in my head, as I imagine they will be for a few days. Book hangover here I come.

There are two storylines and you find yourself having an emotional attachment to both stories. Yet that feeling of doom only cassia can give is always present.

This is a stand alone book however I feel like before you dive into this, reading malevolent first is a good idea so you understand the emotional wreck you'll be during and after both books.

Cassia is An amazing author and I feel lucky to have been apart of her story. I whole heartedly recommend this book!

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