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**WARNING - Recommended for persons over the age of 18 years, due to sexual content and coarse language.

Angel and Chase come from two different worlds. Angel grew up privileged. Her father is CEO of Cavanagh and Associates and her mother owns a successful dance school. Chase on the other hand grew up with a neglectful, manipulating mother, who put her numerous husbands and boyfriends before the welfare of her own son. So much so that when he was twelve, his stepfather at the time, who also happens to be a member of a notorious bikie gang, walked away from his marriage, taking Chase with him.


Angel is daddy’s little princess. In his eyes, no one is good enough for his little girl. Due to his overprotectiveness, at the age of twenty-two she’s never had a serious boyfriend. She decides to move away from home to finish school, so she can experience all that life has to offer. That includes men.

When she meets Chase Daniels, sparks fly. He’s the ultimate womanising bad boy. Even though her common sense says stay away, she can’t seem to control the attraction she feels for him.


Chase doesn’t hold women in high regard due to his past. With his good looks and charm though, he has women falling at his feet. Just the way he likes it. He’s a playboy and doesn’t do commitment. Then he meets Angel. She’s not only beautiful, but sweet and innocent. Nothing like the women he’s used to. The feelings he has for her are foreign to him and he doesn’t like it one bit. Despite all this, he’s drawn to her, like a moth to a flame.

Not only do they have their families to contend with, there’s also the secrets from Chase’s past. These secrets have the potential to destroy him, and will also tear them apart. The odds are stacked against them, but will they still be able to find happiness together? Or will it be enough to stop the one thing they want more than anything, each other?

May 27
J. L. Perry
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Team Cullen ,

Another Amazing Story

Chase and Angel 😇 feels like real true love ❤️ A must read

@LisaHines711 ,

Review: Destiny #4: Against All Odd - Angel's Story

Against All Odds - Angel's Story by J.L. Perry is the fourth book in the Destiny series but can be read as a standalone. This story is about Angel, daughter of Logan and Brooke Cavanagh from the previous books.

This is a rich and steady-paced story about young love, pre-conceived notions, familial expectations and bad things happening to good people.

Angel has made it to college, away from the over-bearing protectiveness of her father, Logan. She loves him, but she is a twenty-two year old virgin and has had enough of her father scaring away boyfriends. Heck, not even boyfriends, no-one ever even made it that far. Her family is wealthy, her dad buys her a home to live in that is secure and safe and her parents come to visit as often as they can. It is a beautiful and loving family unit.

Chase has never had it easy. His mother is a poisonous, unfeeling woman that never deserved to have a child and used Chase his whole life for anything and everything. This is the base impression he has in his mind of women and what being in a relationship would be like. Many guys came and went in his life but Pops stuck and when things went to hell Pops took Chase with him when he left and Chase hasn't seen his mother since.

Chase and Angel meet at University and happen to share many of the same classes. they are both studying to be lawyers. As insane as their attraction is towards each other they both play it off and become very close friends. Angel is quite possible first ever real friend that is also a girl. Angel knows he is a player and is okay with his friendship even though she is VERY attracted to him.

When lines get crossed, hearts get broken, and events are set into motion that will end having devastating effects on the lives of Angel and Chase. Sit back, cuddle up, enjoy the ride. This story will bring you laughter and tears, some heartache, but ultimately a happy ending.

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