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The corporate greed of Wall Street meets the Hitchcockian suspense of North by Northwest in this thrilling debut by screenwriter Mark Hosack (The Good Spy Dies Twice).

One day Paul Majors is a respectable businessman looking into some accounting irregularities in his office’s parent company. The next he’s wading through a murky world of dark finance, uncovering a vast web of illegal activities in the CEO’s executive circle, being hunted by a ruthless corporate assassin and the FBI, and getting sucked into a second company’s illicit dealings.

As he travels across the United States to unravel the twin mysteries he’s caught in, it’s not clear who Paul can trust—or even who is who. The woman who seduced him at the hotel bar might be there to help, or take him out. The government agents change with a chameleon’s ease. Heck, even Paul’s running around under an assumed name!

In this corporate shell game of names and motivations, Paul’s got 1,500 loyal employees—and his own life—on the line. But it’s becoming dangerously clear that Paul himself is not Too Big to Fail…or to be killed.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 7
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Customer Reviews

MavisJames ,

So thick in suspense it literally made me sick.

Fun, quick-paced while visually taking you on a journey that plays like a good action thriller. I couldn't put it down once a few chapters in. Subsequently, the impact from too little night's sleep. Looking forward to seeing it get to the big screen. Doesn't take itself too seriously. A really enjoyable read.

Tex Pistol ,

super fun read!

Honestly, I usually walk away feeling disappointed by genre fiction, but this noir/suspense thriller is truly entertaining and exactly what I was looking for. This book has a completely unique voice - funny, quirky, tongue-slightly-in-cheek, just shy of campy (in the good way) - while still being an earnest and intriguing thriller that I couldn't put down. Identity stakes out its own territory in a sea of generic suspense/action books, telling a great story while avoiding boring cliches. Great, fun read.

majorgeneraldave ,

Totally engaging

A thoroughly enjoyable thriller in the vein of Grisham/Larsson/Ludlum. Crisp pacing and intricate plotting will keep you turning the pages (even if it's way past your bedtime) to find out whether straight-laced Okie Paul Majors can disentangle himself from the many tentacles of a crooked billion-dollar investment group as secretive as it is ruthless.

The story of how he falls into their dangerous web - and whether he can ever get out again - makes for an engaging first novel that's a fine, gripping read, taking us on a frantic tour of the US west, from the beige corporate offices of an Oklahoma City electronics corporation through downtown Chicago, the toniest parts of LA and on to the business-district tilt-a-whirl of San Francisco's Embarcadero.

It's quickly clear that Majors has bitten off more than he can chew; the pleasure of the book comes in watching him try - guilelessly - to save both his own skin and that of his 94-year-old mother-figure while never putting a dime in the swear jar, and just possibly taking down a corrupt business empire in the bargain.

From beginning to end, Identity is a completely entertaining book.