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From YouTube star and Facebook Video sensation Laura Clery comes a collection of comedic essays in the vein of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby and You’ll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein.

Laura Clery makes a living by sharing inappropriate comedy sketches with millions of strangers on the Internet. She writes songs about her anatomy, talks trash about her one-eyed rescue pug, and sexually harasses her husband, Stephen. And it pays the bills!

Now, in her first-ever book, Laura recounts how she went from being a dangerously impulsive, broke, unemployable, suicidal, cocaine-addicted narcissist, crippled by fear and hopping from one toxic romance to the next…to a more-happy-than-not, somewhat rational, meditating, vegan yogi with good credit, a great marriage, a fantastic career, and four unfortunate-looking rescue animals. Still, above all, Laura remains an amazingly talented, adorable, and vulnerable, self-described…Idiot.

With her signature brand of offbeat, no-holds-barred humor, Idiot introduces you to a wildly original—and undeniably relatable—new voice.

September 24
Gallery Books

Customer Reviews

ILoveLauraClery ,

Laura Clery; THANK YOU!!!

absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be anymore amazed when I read this story about Laura’s life. I NEVER in a million years thought someone who was similar to me could get so far in life. I thought I was only the rich kids in school who had the money worthy parents. But Laura, she still was able to achieve her goals. After fighting addiction, and the toxic relationships that could have killed her. But those toxic relationships was also the reason she’s alive! Damon wouldn’t let her shoot up heroin, he SAVED HER. If he just let her shoot it up, she could’ve gotten addicted that easy and they could’ve both been sitting there lifeless. He did let her try smoking it, to at least get a slight taste of how it was, thank god she didn’t like it! It’s amazing how in her MID-TWENTIES she could finally change her life around and have MOSTLY EVERYTHING she ever dreamed of having by her EARLY-THIRTIES. It’s AMAZING! This book is my savior to know that THINGS WILL GET BETTER! Fight for your dreams you will get them!!! She might not be EXACTLY what she wanted to be, she’s not EXACTLY an actress, but her main goal was to make people LAUGH and SMILE, when all they wanted was death. Last night, I wanted to die, but I READ HER STORY and now I have a 100% percent different outcome on life now! I know that I CAN DO IT! It’s just a matter of time. If Laura was in her TWENTIES, and was able to achieve her goal by THIRTY. Then me being 17, almost 18, I CAN and I WILL achieve my goals. Maybe not EXACTLY what I want, but I WILL come close to what I want. And all I want, it make a good impact on the world since I never did as a child. Thank you so much Laura. I honestly hope you keep writing books, write about your current life! IT DEFINITELY INFLUENCED ME!

Mrsmort ,


Loved her on you tube and her taking the courage to open up her past to us to show the real her is great! Excellent and uplifting read! May even read it again!!

anber_g ,

Words do not describe the greatness.

I am not one who likes reading books, i prefer watching videos on Facebook 😊 Laura is someone who cracks me up by her hilarious jokes, personalities and and comments on her videos everyday. Since she’s so funny online, i said to myself “what the hell, I’m gonna buy her book to read. It has to be amazing just like her online content” and sure was I right I read this book from cover to cover in 5 hours. Best 5 hours I’ve ever spent.