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From sketch to finished work, the pages of IDOLS DEMONS SAINTS - reproducing preparatory “cartoons”, gouache studies, works in progress, completed paintings and the actual sketchbook pages - show the process of creating for the artist and teacher John Wellington.

Part visual journal and part art manual, IDOLS DEMONS SAINTS illustrates many examples of paintings in progress, demonstrating the Old Master techniques used and taught by the artist.

For more than thirty years John Wellington has created, copied, ruminated, lamented, critiqued, elucidated, explored and most importantly, drawn in sketchbooks. It is his great hope that this ebook will offer insight into a process of creating for artists, art students, and art lovers. 

Arts & Entertainment
April 28
John Wellington
John Wellington
Grades 12-17

Customer Reviews

Mrs wellibelli ,

The best curated Museum exhibit never made

John Wellington has been creating art for decades, honing both his imagery and craft, staying true to his vision, building his skills as painter and teacher, nurturing the techniques of old masters, plunging headlong into modern iconography, under the oblivious noses of the art intelligencia. This iBook is a demonstration of both his creativity and perseverance--in it, he has basically created the gorgeous color catalogue for the most exciting show MOMA hasn't the insight to put on. Paging through this book brings an world-class art show right to your iPad, for one seventh the price.

Tabascocat1 ,

Like looking over the shoulder of the artist

These books are so incredible and intimate they are like peering over the shoulder of the artsit and directly into his thought processes. John is candid both with his joy and his angst over his art, giving readers a real glimpse into the professional artist mind. I couldn’t put this down and will be going back again and again to dip into the deep pool.

MAC91084 ,

Must read for any serious painter!

I knew that I wanted to be a figured narrative painter from the moment I stumbled on a William Bouguereau book at my public library nearly 17 years ago. Since then I’ve devoted my life and my education to the pursuit of creating narrative compositions that stem from my imagination and my personal life experience. John Wellington’s books Idols Demons Saints have helped immensely with that pursuit. These books are an absolute must read for any serious figurative painter. In the books he gives incredible technical and skill building advice for early career artists such as myself. Not to mention making a fellow artist feel like he’s not crazy for devoting his life to painting.

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