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Freyja, a seventeen-year-old with Danish heritage, starts at a new school, where she meets the mysterious Scandinavian student, Donar.
He is quiet and anti-social, but the two become good friends; Freyja soon finds herself falling in love with him.
To her surprise, he feels the same way, and reveals that he is in fact Thor, the Norse god of thunder, sent to school as a punishment.
He takes Freyja to Valhalla, to show her his world, but later finds out that she is not allowed to leave, and must be killed. After being shown the delights of Asgard, Freyja accepts and drinks poison.
However, once dead, she discovers that she is the reincarnation of the goddess Freyja, who had previously committed Holy-suicide. She is then allowed to roam freely between the realms.
After spending a lot of time with the Norse Gods, most of whom seem to be suffering from depression, she decides to introduce them to modern technology.
Odin refuses to accept, and banishes to Freyja to her realm, Folkvang, and Thor to Valhalla; separating the two realms by an enchanted door.
Freyja makes friends with two dead Vikings living in Folkvang, Olaf and Erik, who teach her to fight so she can combat Odin and the door; but who also teach her to use her magic powers, which she uses to create an eagle, Ander.
She plans to break down the door with Thor, sending messages via a dwarf. Loki, however, intercepts one, and proceeds to tell Freyja that Thor doesn't love her anymore, and that he, himself, is madly in love with her.
Thor finds out, and forces Loki to go back and explain.
Loki pursues nonetheless, and tells Odin of the plot, and Thor is subsequently sent to Hel, to be punished by the goddess of the same name.
Freyja manages to break down the door with the help of an army of dead Vikings, and fights Odin. She forces him to withdraw their banishments, but he refuses to tell her whee Thor is.
With the help of Ander and a magic cape that turns the wearer into a falcon, she arrives in Hel. After eventually finding her way through the Labyrinth, she faces Hel and Loki and frees Thor.
Now being free to go back to Earth, she decides to back to school, but finds that it irritates her more than ever.
Her friend Lottie inadvertently eats one of the golden apples Freyja brought with her from Asgard, which is poisonous to humans. In a bid to save her, Freyja uses her healing powers.
She succeeds, but falls into a coma and gets the onx (a disease that only gods can get, which can prove lethal).
The only cure is a life-giving potion from Hel. Thor goes, and in return, gives Hel his powers, which she then uses to persuade Odin to give her control of Asgard.
She decides to unleash the Midgard-serpent, a sight witnessed by Lottie. She tells Thor, and together they distract Loki and send the serpent back to the sea.
Meanwhile, Freyja is being tortured by her subconscious, who has managed to persuade her that Thor doesn't love her.
When she awakes and shuns Thor, her parents try to convince her otherwise.
They eventually succeed, and she falls in love with him again.
At the promise of enough money to last a lifetime, Freyja's parents allow Thor to marry their daughter.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 21
Jessica Chambers
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