If It's In Your Head, It's In Your House If It's In Your Head, It's In Your House

If It's In Your Head, It's In Your House

How to Process and Heal from Reoccurring Thoughts and Memories of Tragedy and Trauma

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Ever wondered how to really heal from traumatic events from your past? Ever asked yourself why you keep repeating and reliving old hurts from the past over and over again? Do you know how to really deal with all the negative memories, thoughts, and feelings that cloud your brain and affect your ability to be truly at peace? Do you want to start unpacking your "stuff "? Do you want to really be okay when telling people that you are okay? Engaging in deep and probing conversations with yourself is vital to starting this process. You will need to be completely raw, honest, transparent, and vulnerable with yourself. If you are depressed, angry, anxious, or afraid, these emotions are coming from the root of the problem, and you need to know who and/or what that is. If you have not healed from the past, it stays locked in your subconscious and has the power to affect your peace and, if triggered, your future well-being. If it's in your head, then it is always with you, and it is no longer your past but your present. Learn how to live in the present. Learn how to facilitate peace. Decide if you want to live as you are now or the peaceful and content person you have always wanted to be. Let's start the conversation.

Waiver: This book should not be used in lieu of mental health therapy. This conversation has been provided to help you start the journey of healing from your trauma.

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March 12
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