If Lucifer Never Fell If Lucifer Never Fell

If Lucifer Never Fell

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Imagine that the world that we exist in today is one where everything and everyone works in perfect harmony with no crime or evil acts against each other. This environment could possibly be equal to a utopia, paradise, nirvana, or even heaven on earth!

The world, which was created by God, was meant to be exactly as we have just imagined and would have been so even today if not for one prideful and rebellious angel known as Lucifer. Many biblical scholars today are still trying to find out what the total effects on mankind are due to this fallen angel. How could one of God's most beautiful creations turn out to become so evil and have such a negative impact on all of creation?

The title of this book considers this very question, and the contents take a deep dive into what is and what could have been on earth if the circumstances and actions of Lucifer would have gone in the opposite direction. It is normal to imagine things throughout our existence, but at some point, we must all come back to reality.

The actions of Lucifer have impacted every person on earth from the time he was cast out of heaven by his Creator, which is when he became Satan. Has this evil angel affected you in a way where you have been deceived by his twisted lies to the point that you are uncertain of where your final eternal resting place will be?

After reading this book, you will definitely know where you will reside after you perish from this earth. Some say knowledge is power and provides an individual with the ability to make a well-informed and educated choice. Are you 100 percent certain that your choices are placing you on the path of where you believe you will spend your eternal afterlife? This book will provide you with an accurate answer to this vital question.

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October 13
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