If Stars Were Wishes

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This book can be read as a complete standalone, as book 1 or as book 4 in the Wish novels. Intrigued...keep reading!

Growing up, I believed in infinite possibilities. I wished on stars and let my imagination prepare me for the unknown. The older you get the more you realize that you have power. You have been given the free will to control your own path. Jump into your destiny feet first.  And I knew for certain that no matter how much power I had, time was a luxury that would never be mine.

Unlike my mother and father, who were happy to live out their days on a Native American reservation in Colorado, I wanted to explore, to experience the many splendors the world could provide…before it was too late.

I couldn’t avoid the siren’s call of the big, wide-open world.

What I didn’t know was my life would be filled with challenges, highs, and lows the likes I couldn’t have prepared for. I have many bittersweet memories and even more where the sweet outweighs the bitter. Despite it all, I wouldn’t change a thing.

My experiences, my choices, have led me to where I am. Helped form the woman I’ve become.

A wife.

A mother.

A woman at peace with her destiny.

My journey has been rife with uncertainty, joy, fear, love, hate, strife, sacrifice, and everything in between. I’ve experienced unbelievable pleasure and gut-wrenching pain. Some may despise me for the choices I’ve made. Some may applaud them. Either way, I lived for today.

My name is Catori…and this is my story.


Disclaimer: This title contains graphic depictions of sexual acts and is designed for mature audiences 18+. Trigger warnings for - Open Marriage, Multiple Partners, basically anything considered rather taboo. What is included:
*Native American Heroine
*Active Duty Soldier
*Instalove w/twist
*Accidental Pregnancy w/twist
*Native American Culture/Reservation Life
*LGBTQ+ friendly
*Wanderlust + Travel

Fiction & Literature
April 4
Audrey Carlan, INC.
Audrey Carlan, INC.

Customer Reviews

Babyjoy78 ,

Soul worthy read from the best Audrey Carlan!

My God this store is deep, intense in a good way on so many levels. If you want to feel all the feels this is the book for you. Catori many may not feel this way, but I do so here we go. I felt like Catori should be a part of all of us on this earth. We should live life as if it was our very last day. Catori in my heart was selfless to those that she loved the most. She knew that her life would be different from her time of birth. Being born on a reservation with all the belief system that we have. She was able to pass this down to her children but all with the help of her mother and Father. I broke down a few times while reading this book because of all the love that I was able to feel. I am in awe of this women for being able to believe so hard on the Star’s to make these wish. The fact they came true was so beautiful. Audrey has a God even gift to be able to write the way that she does. She pulls you in and breaks you while building you up. This store was filled with love, compassion and dreams. It was also filled with facts that have truly taken place in many lives that have walked before us. The fact that she was able to long like no other, fight for her dream and the lives of those around her made me love her even harder. Life is way too short, and this has been proven. We must live each day like it is our very last and we might just be that much happier, and I am thankful for these stories that have filled my heart. Update: Please don't discredit the Author because you may not like what a character does with their life. Think about this for a moment if you lived this life what would you do? This story brings about a view that someone has walked through in life. If each day could be your last, I would hope you lived it to the best of you ability with love and light.

StephLoveReads ,

Beautifully written Must read

Audrey Carlan wrote a beautiful prequel story. We met her beautiful daughters, but Audrey has now given voice about the adventurous, loving, and selfless mother, Catori.

Even if others judge her unusual relationship dynamic.

Catori new at a young age that she was not meant to live a long life. So, when she was old enough, her parents encouraged her to go out and fly free. Live a life without regrets.

Upon doing so, Catori meets Adam Ross and falls in love. They get married but she informs him before the nuptials of her limited time and her rules.

This story catalogs her soul searing love for Adam, her love but heart breaking difficulties with her daughters, her unconditional love for her parents, her people, her community.

Every persons story is a wish made on a star, living life, watching it unfold, until the universe eventually grants that wish. And Audrey Carlan wrote about it beautifully.

Janet4005 ,


Audrey never disappoints she brings the feelings and the sexy. Excited to have been able to read Catori’s story too! Thank you for another wonderful read.

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