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When novelist Sabrina Covell wakes up to a beautiful woman sipping coffee in her kitchen, she wonders what kind of mess her sister left her with this time. Another short-term love affair, another broken heart, courtesy of ruthless anchorwoman Miranda Covell.

Blythe Jansen isn't any ordinary guest in her Martha's Vineyard home, though. She's an accomplished photographer who's not afraid to get to the heart of the matter with her subjects. Not only that, but Miranda seems to think Sabrina needs a fake relationship to save her image.

Sabrina is tired of dealing with the fallout of her sister's romantic conquests, not to mention living in her overbearing shadow. Yet, she can't deny her attraction to Blythe. Maybe it's the lonely summer nights or the silence broken only by the crashing of the waves, but Sabrina decides to let Blythe stay for the season.

What starts out as a game quickly turns into something more when Blythe reveals what she wants: Sabrina's heart. Too bad Sabrina has been burned twice before by her sister's ex-girlfriends and doesn't expect this to be any different.

But what could one little summer fling hurt? Especially if it's not meant to be the real thing…

Fiction & Literature
July 18
Wicked Hearts Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sticksn03s ,

a journey of sorts ..

The games we play on each other as children never really stop .. or do they?
For some yes, others not so much.
It’s about growing up and moving on, but we always have a connection whether to other family, the places that we call home, or being comfortable in our own skin.
It’s a sweet short story about two sisters, both famous in their own right, one older fighting with age and making her sister miserable; the other is grounded, a deep thinker, a sweet person that you can’t help but want to be with. It’s a journey in finding love among all the ex’s, being honest and being happy.
A quick fun read that needs a little bit of editing but overall well worth it.

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