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Ignite Culture

Empowering and Leading a Healthy, High-Performance Organization from the Inside Out

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A Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Learn how to Empower and Lead a Healthy, High-Performance Organization from the Inside Out in this Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

Sometimes corporate leaders forget that businesses are human systems. Revenue, innovation, and growth are all generated by human beings. Every organization is a human system, an amalgamation of personalities, behaviors, moods, actions, and interactions. All too often, personalities when on overdrive, cause defensive aggressive or passive defensive polarities in how people work together. This causes relational friction, dysfunction, dissatisfaction, and stress - all adversely impacting organizational culture.

Offering a unique combination of experiential coaching, evidence-based leadership tools, and actionable strategies, this book empowers business leaders with the wisdom and insights they need to assess how personality overdrive is causing relationship breakdowns and unnecessary conflict.

Ignite Culture gives CEOs, HR, and Business Leaders a first-hand view into what causes dysfunction in the workplace and what to do about it. You learn how to cultivate a healthy company culture, increase employee engagement and performance, spark innovation among teams and align people towards a common cause.

Inside, you learn to:

-Understand how important introspection and self-discovery are to personal and organizational performance.

-Learn the impact of our behavior on the spaces in which we work.

-Experiment with new ways to alter old behaviors that inhibit growth.

-Be equipped to coach and mentor others on owning their impact.

-Catalyze positive change across the organization.

-Inspire peak performance and achieve market leadership.

"Margaret is an expert in the field of culture change and development. Her work has helped thousands of people across companies heal trust, mend broken relationships, and create space for people to start working together more effectively. Her real stories and experiences combine with research to create an authentic and powerful resource. This is the book every leader needs to read!" -Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life.

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January 18
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