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"Sharon Sala is a consummate storyteller. Her skills shine in her Blessings, Georgia series. If you can stop reading then you're a better woman than me."— Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

No one is alone

Dori Grant is no stranger to hardship. As a young single mother in the gossip-fueled town of Blessings, Georgia, she’s weathered the storm of small-town disapproval most of her life. But when Dori loses everything within the span of an evening, she realizes she has no choice but to turn to her neighbors.

As long as there is love to give

Everyone says the Pine boys are no good, but Johnny Pine has been proving the gossips wrong ever since his mother died and he took over raising his brothers. His heart goes out to the young mother and child abandoned by the good people of Blessings. Maybe he can be the one to change all that…

Blessings, Georgia Series

You and Only You (Book 1)

I’ll Stand By You (Book 2)

Saving Jake (Book 3)

A Piece of My Heart (Book 4)

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Customer Reviews

Ruth Ann Nordin ,

I'll Stand By You

The best book I have read in a very long time. I am anxious to read another book by Sharon Sala. Buy it, you won't be sorry!

geekswife08 ,

It takes a village

One of the first things you will notice about this book are the pivots in character POV, and if you were reading any other book, it would not work. Don't let it stop you! It does take a moment to adjust, but I promise it is well written and feels almost like a movie, with the camera sliding over to another person for a moment. Once you're hooked into the story, you'll barely notice, and I dare say you'll appreciate it!
As for the story itself, it is beautiful and deep. So much has happened to these two kids, but they don't realize they have so many people in their corner. It's like a patchwork quilt, slowly coming together with pieces both new and saved from years past, stitched into something beautiful and lasting. With so much depth, the laughter that the end brings is cathartic and wonderful. Maybe a little over the top, but somehow it just fits.
I suppose my only comment would be the sex scene. Not that I usually shy away from those, but it felt like you didn't need it to know something beautiful happened. Then again, having been an 18 year old bride, I felt the sweet awkwardness of young love, and felt sage knowing how much they would grow.
Many compliments to the author on sucsssfully weaving such a rich story together with so many characters and point of view. No man is an island, and we may not know it, but we matter, and our love matters.

glhince ,

This is a couple you want to root for,

Return to the small Georgia town of Blessings, where Sharon Sala brings us a story of hope and love for two young people just trying to survive and thrive after life has handed them some blows.

Dori is just seventeen with a 6 month old baby: living with her grandfather, she’s just trying to make a life and do the right thing. When she and her son are left with nothing, the residents of town don’t dive in to help, but judge, point fingers and gossip. Unlike the more ‘established’ families, Johnny can’t believe the lack of concern and empathy for Dori, and he, despite his struggles to raise his own younger brothers, steps up to offer help.

Johnny and Dori are adorable together: neither is particularly open or immune to the whispers and sidelong glances they get: both are truly struggling against massive odds to do the right things and make a life for themselves and the children they are responsible for. Not afraid of hard work, and doing their best to ignore the hurt from the gossips in town, their relationship moves from supportive friendship to love as the story progresses.

This is a couple you want to root for, and you’ll be throwing shade on those who judge the two: they do everything to the best of their ability, and persevere, even when things go horridly pear-shaped. There’s a curious dynamic in a small town, and Sala managed to capture the nuances: the secrets, shames, judgment and snobbery that comprise the ‘established leader’s’ personas, and their utter inability to deal with the sort of dismissive attitudes they so freely hand out in Dori and Johnny’s direction. While not a huge ‘yeah, they got theirs’ moment that leaves readers feeling that the balance of karma has been fully restored, enough hardship affects their lives, giving them a small comeuppance where our couple is concerned.

A lovely story of the power of support and the power of a helping hand, Sala uses an apparent bucolic setting and pulls back the lace curtains to give us a view of the dynamics and relationships behind them. While the romance moves forward quickly, the pacing feels plausible and real when you consider the history and age of Johnny and Dori.

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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