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The most frank and intimate portrait of the Trump White House yet

Stephanie Grisham rose from being a junior press wrangler on the Trump campaign in 2016 to assuming top positions in the administration as White House press secretary and communications director, while at the same time acting as First Lady Melania Trump’s communications director and eventually chief of staff. Few members of the Trump inner circle served longer or were as close to the first family as Stephanie Grisham, and few had her unique insight into the turbulent four years of the administration, especially the personalities behind the headlines.

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October 5

Customer Reviews

jsp-final ,

Good behind the scenes narrative!

I have read a half dozen ‘behind the scenes’ books about the Trump administration and I found this to be the best book of its kind. A real look at the inside of the Trump White House.

TereseMo ,

Fast read showing Trump Administration’s Priorities

Ms. Grisham’s memoir of her service to President Trump and the First Lady showed just how little respect this (her words) power hungry and self serving and self promoting administration had at the expense of the long time civil servants and the American people.

It also appears that she may have lied about her alcohol and drug abuse which I can sympathize with but seemed to be a double standard when calling out the Trumps for lying. Scary to see the extreme egos and disregard for the country they have. She really couldn’t articulate one success of the administration which I found odd: don’t buy this book.

Katsinger ,

Apologist has ‘epiphany’ way too late

Ms. Grisham spent over four years working for the Trumps, and finally figured out that they are not nice people. While there are a few dishy insights (just a few), and her ‘realization’ (finally!) that her boss is an abusive creep, his wife an enabler, all a reader can do is wonder, given the many sickening encounters the author details, is ‘what took you so long?’ And throughout, she tries to justify her own actions, defend the ‘first lady’, and blame he media. Duh.
Don’t bother.