Illegally Yours

A Laws of Attraction Novel

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Rule #1: Never fall for your client.
Rule #2: Never fall for your client’s fiercely protective, smoking hot sister-in-law.

I’m the kind of guy who believes that everyone deserves the best legal representation money can buy—which just so happens to be me, Lucas Wright. Give me your henpecked, your cuckolded, your irreconcilable differences yearning to break free! And if you’re the bad guy in your marriage, that’s cool too. Your green is as good as anyone’s.

Tell that to Trinity Jones. It’s my job to destroy her sister—the soon-to-be ex-wife of my a-hole of a client—and Trinity’s “big sis” instincts are dialed up to the max. I admire that. I admire her. But she won’t stop me from representing my client to the best of my ability.

Not even if my chemistry with Trinity is undeniable. Not even if we can’t keep our hands off each other. Not even if she injects life into a heart assumed to be long dead.
Because when faced with a choice between love and duty, the job will always win—or at least that’s what I thought before I met Trinity . . . and suddenly conflict of interest never felt so right.

Praise for Illegally Yours

Illegally Yours is funny, sexy, smart, and impossible to put down. I adored it.”—Serena Bell, USA Today bestselling author of Sleepover 

“Smart, sexy banter and fast-paced fun, Illegally Yours will keep you up far past your bedtime. The chemistry between Trinity and Lucas is off the charts. I loved this book!”—Kimberly Kincaid, USA Today bestselling author of the Station Seventeen series

“Lengthy sex scenes, a hint of comedy, and a plot rich with character growth ensure Meader’s fans and newcomers will find something to love.”Publishers Weekly

“I absolutely loved this book. . . . The heart in the story makes you want the book to never end. . . . I highly suggest this romance.”—Jagged Edge Reviews (five stars)

“This is my fifth [Kate] Meader book, and I think it’s my favorite. . . . An utterly delightful and heartwarming romance, which made me laugh a lot, and smile often.”—We Live and Breathe Books

This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

January 22
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Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

Conflict of Interest

Lucas, considered to be one of the best divorce attorneys around, is relaxing with his coworkers and friends at the local bar when he meets Trinity. Trinity is their sommelier for the evening. Lucas thinks Trinity’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever met, but makes an a** of himself. Trinity, although she thinks he’s handsome and sexy, also thinks he’s a jerk. Although he makes her heart race, family comes first. Her younger sister, niece, and nephew are all she cares about and she doesn’t have time for a relationship.

Lucas’ past has had a major impact on his life. It’s the driving force behind his chosen career. Lucas specializes in representing fathers who want custody of their children in a divorce. As a product of a time where women were given custody of their children automatically, Lucas represents fathers who may truly be the better custodial parent. When Trinity approaches him concerning her sister’s divorce, Lucas realizes there’s a conflict of interest. He can’t pursue Trinity as he represents her brother in law. All good things...

This novel has all the “feels”. It’s a story about forgiveness, overcoming your past so you can move forward with your future, and tough love. Trinity makes so many sacrifices and is selfless in ALL decisions concerning her family, often to her detriment. She lives for her sister, not herself. Although I believe family is extremely important, I think there’s a point that you have to let go. Trinity has a hard time doing this. Lucas lets his past rule his future decisions. In Trinity he sees a life he’s always wished he could have, but is too stubborn to work for it. Can Lucas and Trinity get out of their heads long enough to pursue happiness? I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

singneon ,

Enjoyed reading, realistic views

I think their predicament is indeed a very sticky situation but these two have so much other life issues to deal with. Their very foundation, family life is so realistic and touches the heart. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees, tough love. I like that they are not perfect and their relationship is give and take. I really like their determination, especially Lucas. I also think this touches on how sometimes too much help can cause dependency and stunt maturity. Trinity is so giving, it's time for her to allow herself to receive.

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.

ChrisIsEpic1 ,

4.5 Stars!

Kate Meader is not a completely new author to me as far as her name goes. I’ve been reviewing and blogging in the romance world for over two years, so her name is very familiar to me. But, full confession...I’ve never read one of her books. I know, I know. She’s come highly recommended–a lot–by people that I truly trust their opinions when it comes to really good reads. But there are always SO many books to choose from, and I’ll admit that I tend to stick with just a few favorites when I’m crunched for time. And lately, I’ve been crunched for time more often than not. However, when I saw this book as an option on Netgalley, the cover caught my attention, and the blurb drew me in. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to give her book a chance. The storyline seemed like something refreshingly new, and when you read as many books as I do in a week for a romance book review blog, you really do feel like too many book plots start to sound a little bit too similar. Just keeping it real here (and keep in mind this is absolutely my OPINION and not an accusation of plagiarism).

So...Illegally Yours. Let me preface this with the fact that I read the ARC version, as I usually do for reviews. And after all of the recommendations over the last year (or more??), after the first couple of chapters, I almost put it down for good. Now, just in case the author actually reads my review, I feel like I should explain something before I go on. Reading has always been my escape, but in the last three years, I’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes me a lot of pain some days. And sometimes that pain kind of distracts me from what would otherwise be a great book. Oftentimes, I’m self-aware enough that I don’t even pick up a new-to-me author’s book when I’m feeling that bad, because I know there’s a good chance it won’t really hold my attention due how I’m feeling physically and mentally. But...deadlines were looming. All of that to say...I ALMOST put it down and didn’t finish it. However, I kept thinking that surely those people that had recommended her to me in the past couldn’t be THAT wrong about her writing. I mean, they’re professional writers, too! So a couple of days later, I picked it back up. And y’all...I’m SO glad I did! As I suspected, the blah was totally in ME and NOT in the book.

The storyline was refreshingly different, and so were the characters. In the first couple of chapters, you think you know what kind of guy Lucas is: shallow, crude, and a player. But that’s just it. He’s not really all of those things. So give him a chance. Keep reading. I promise you’ll fall in love with this hot British guy too! And Trinity comes across as someone who is jaded and cold but has her life all figured out, and she’s got it all together. Keep reading. I promise you’ll figure out that she’s SO much more. And that their story is much deeper than you’ll think after the first two chapters. Keep reading. You’ll think there is no way these two could ever be right for each other, and that there's no way they are going to make it happen for good. Keep reading.

NICUnurse’s Rating: When it was all said and done, and I got to “The End,” I came to the conclusion that none of my book peeps led me astray after all! So, I give Illegally Yours by Kate Meader 4.5 stars! If you like May to December romances (because even though she’s older, Trinity ultimately is not a cougar in my opinion), you’re going to love this book. And if you’ve never read a May to December romance, this just might be the one to change your mind. So grab the book...and keep. Reading!

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