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Illusions of Eternity” is the story of Rose. As a young girl, a young woman and, as an old woman, she searches for the answers to what has haunted and eluded her all of her life.

Each existing simultaneously in different realities and time, as well as moving in and out of her dreams. Yet, all connected and aware of each other, all searching for the answer to a great secret.

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October 14
Gary St Martin ePubDigital.com
Michael Petruzzi

Customer Reviews

ChakraSupport ,


Beginning at the cover of Illusions of Eternity, through each and every page you will turn, prepare to be allured into the life of Rose. As you soak in Michael’s images brought alive not only through his amazing artrisry but through his searing storytelling, you realize her journey becomes your own. Her story becomes your own story of self discovery and our Oneness becomes as crystal clear as the pictures themselves. Anticipate to be transported emotionally, spiritually and viscerally as you meld with a child of wonder, a young women overflowing with possibilities and a women of age and grace. Michael’s novel is mesmerizing. To be seen and read over and over again.

Awake at Work ,

Haunting grace

Petruzzi’s images remind us of things known well in a secluded past. Primal memories, elegantly arranged as forgotten icons; a hazy dread, appearing as dilapidated relics; erotic tints and sad yearnings - all suddenly rediscovered as in a dream. In “Illusions of Eternity” we find ourselves gracefully haunted by Petruzzi’s quiet surrealism...image upon image, quietly layered into an utterly unique graphic novel that widens while breaking our hearts.

Petruzzi’s photographs are simply brilliant - escorting us gently back to our primordial roots.

Chickflick 414 ,

Illusions of Eternity

Stunning photography and emotional well written text . This book takes you on the journey of the ordinary life of the main character through retrospective, introspective and contemplative prose. Accompanied by thought provoking black and white images it is impossible not to relate and be touched.