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I’m a big cat. I’m a strong cat. I’m not a scaredy-cat . . . except when . . .

From New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado comes I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat, a hilarious new picture book to help kids manage their fears and worries and learn to trust God.

Follow a silly series of misadventures as scaredy-cat faces his worst fears: an appalling abundance of (gulp!) yellow and pink sprinkles on his donut, an elephant on the verge of a ginormous sneeze, and the terrifyingly loud chime of a clock. For each of the fears, Max provides this reassuring child’s version of Philippians 4:6–9:

“God, you are good.

God, you are near.

God, you are here!

And, God, you love me.”

A fun read for children and parents, I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat will open doors for important conversations about fear in a nonthreatening way and help you instill godly bravery in your kids.

October 3
Thomas Nelson
Grades 1-5

Customer Reviews

Zoe @ Blessed and Bewildered ,

A child's fear is humorously explored and the beautiful remedy of prayer is provided.

Max Lucado's book, I'm Not A Scaredy-Cat, is written in rhyming verse and is filled with misadventures that express the kitty's fear in humorous ways.  These fearful moments in kitty's life will not scare your child, yet they will get the point across.  After a few frightening misadventures, Lucado provides a prayer of reassurance meant to encourage your child to reach out to God for peace in frightening situations.  

Don't just glance over the illustrator's name.  Shirley Ng-Benitez is an absolutely amazing illustrator.  The book is bright, cheerful, and adorable.  The scaredy-cat is electrified looking.  Ng-Benitez captures the kitty's fright perfectly.  Priceless.

One of the craziest things happens in I'm Not A Scaredy-Cat. That silly kitty had every single member of my family scratching our heads in wonder.

(you will need to see the image on my blog for this to make sense)

WHO DOESN'T LOVE SPRINKLES?!?!!!!!  So not scary!  My kids would just ask for more... keep on throwing those sprinkles... throw them my way... MORE, please!

Overall, I'm Not A Scaredy-Cat is a sweet children's book that you will enjoy snuggling up to with your child to read.  Happy reading!

Side Note  

I do not know who determines the age and grade range for children's books.  The only place that I found that information posted was on Amazon.  I have included it in the book information at the top of the review, but I find the suggested age range to be far too old for this book.  It is more appropriate for the toddler set.

As a reviewer for FrontGate Media, I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My thanks to FrontGate Media, the author, and publisher.

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