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Adam Thorne thought he had met the woman he had often hoped to find but, bemused by the brief rapture of her touch, had watched her walk away. The only consolation, if it could be called that, was her name, Amy, called out by one of the group she was with. All he has left is a vivid memory of a golden girl, who invades his waking thoughts and haunts his dreams.
Cursing his lost opportunity, he haunts the place they met but it is not until a group of terrorists blast the city apart, wrecking havoc on buildings and humanity with equal disregard, that he finds her, left for dead; a broken and bleeding remnant from the explosion, tossed carelessly aside by the displaced air. Although her pulse, so feeble that it's barely there and her fragile condition do not inspire confidence, Adam carries her to the paramedics, hopeful that she will survive. Refusing to believe that the smile embedded in his memory would be the only one he would ever receive, he returns to work, rejoining the forensics team in their search for answers.
In their determination to piece together the reason behind the attacks, it soon becomes apparent that Amy may be implicated. Not wanting to believe her anything but the laughing woman of his dreams, he rejects the idea, but as more evidence comes to light, he begins to wonder where his loyalty will lay; with the unknown woman he calls his own or the law he has sworn to defend.
Unable to ask the questions needing to be answered to resolve the issue, he examines her apartment, hoping for confirmation of her innocence or proof of her guilt. What he doesn’t expect to find are the cryptic comments left on her answering machine on the day of the explosion. By themselves they are disturbing but when he stumbles across her diary and reads the entry detailing her hurt and anger at the actions of her friend, along with a description of a man bearing a strong resemblance to the main terrorist suspect, they chill him to the bone.
Before he can act on the information, the disturbing discovery of her best friend; dead, strangled by persons unknown, followed by the bombing of her apartment, lead him to suspect the terrorists believe Amy to be dead and are removing incriminating evidence. While it eliminates her from the list of suspects, it does raise another question; just what does she know?
Amy, holding tenuously to life, cannot answer.
It is not until Amy's laptop is found that that particular question, and others, are answered but despite the fact that it provides them with the time and place of the next explosion, and enables them to apprehend some of the suspects, the ringleaders continue to avoid capture.
In a race against time, Adam will do his utmost to save the city and the woman who stole his heart with a saucily blown kiss, but the question remains, will it be enough?

February 26
Jenny Ren
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