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A collection of posts on the techniques and methodologies created and refined by the author and applied to the creation of Emotional Connection and Compelling Experience; Stadium Spectacle, Theme Park Attraction, Experiential Marketing and Messaging Campaigns, One-off Events, film and video.

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August 21
KIle Ozier
Kile Ozier

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Kerry lass ,


I just love being in Kile's mind, and heart-as he takes us through his process of creation! I have been lucky to have experienced, firsthand, some of these spectacular events to which he speaks--and there is no.better.producer! This book takes one through the steps Kile takes from conception to production--so for anyone who wants to master the creative process, or at least to understand... This fascinating and graphically gorgeous iBook will both educate and entertain.

christoflyer ,

imho Creating Compelling Experience

For anyone who is involved in producing live events this is pure gold! Kile Ozier is a master in the field (so to speak). His methodology for capturing and moving an audience is original and unique. The fact that he is sharing his "secret sauce" makes this book a must read! However, what makes this most special is the candor from which Mr. Ozier speaks. While reading his collection you get that he truly does care about making a difference on this planet. He assures us that the power of spectacle will continue to illicit wonder and awe as we gather humanity together to celebrate.

Rick in CA ,

A Must Read!

Kile has an exceptional approach to creativity that is worth spending time getting to know. He's insightful and passionate about the subject. He's both a great coach and provocateur... full of encouragement while he pushes and probes the mind to consider the possibilities... Enjoy this book for the genuinely useful perspectives it provides!