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Lifestyle and Interiors blogger Suzy Montgomery meets her match when a mystery client retains her services via email for his historic mansion in downtown Charleston.  As his requests get more outlandish and demanding, she decides to exact a little revenge now that she has his house keys and he’s always out of town.  But when she discovers who she’s really dealing with, the lines between professional and personal get all mixed up. 

Dr. Ben, as he’s known by his Instagram handle, is so conflicted. He put himself through medical school with the help of social media, even though he can’t stand it’s shallowness. He especially can’t stand the kind of fluffy Instagrammers like Sunshine Suzy, even though he’s obsessed with her feed as it’s the perfect antidote to all the sad stuff he has to deal with whenever he travels out of town with Doctors Without Borders. All she posts are pictures of interiors from other designers and pictures of her around town in cute dresses. I mean, at least he was training to become a doctor. What is she doing with her life?  No matter how cute she is.  Well, now that he can afford to buy into historic downtown Charleston, he’s curious to meet the real Suzy and put her through her paces to see what she’s really made of.  Because there’s no way the real Suzy could obsess him like she has through social media, and as soon as he sees her true personality his obsession will hopefully be over.

March 16
Natasha Boyd, LLC
Natasha Boyd

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