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A Children of Angels Novel:
When Alexandria Grace Groaban was a child, she learned she was very different from other children and adults she encountered. She saw and heard things that no child should ever bear witness to. She knew details of things and people long since passed, and she could hear voices and repeat them in whatever language she heard during the scenes which played out before her young and impressionable eyes. Through an encounter with someone she thought to be her guardian angel, Alexandria was given a reprieve so that she might know some normalcy in her childhood. But at the age of twenty-one, Alexandria returned home to her family’s small estate outside Oxford, England for Christmas, and learned the hard way that her grace period was about to come to an abrupt and vicious end. Now, whether for better or worse, she will find herself on the edge of a great precipice. One that will call her into action and into a world that she could never have fathomed existed. For Alexandria to know who and what she truly is, she will have to rise to the challenge of a battle that has been waged for millennia by beings first spoken of in Genesis, and embrace that which has lay dormant within her since she was a child.

Fiction & Literature
February 7
Natalie D Wilson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Skippinthrulife1976 ,

Very Different

Kind of Sci-Fi, some spirituality, love story of course. Took me a few chapters to get into it but I liked it overall.

Bcnjax ,


The author takes incredible liberties with the Scriptures, and it simply leaves me wondering "why?" The subject of the Nephalim is never portrayed in a positive light, for they are always seen as the enemy of God and His people. The angels that serve Him are never called the Nephalim, yet the author seeks to show some of them as "good." Based on what, an imagination??
In addition with the context, after reading less than half the book, I also was simply exhausted with the poor writing style. For me, it reads more like a book report than an intriguing story.

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