Imperfect Intentions Imperfect Intentions
Book 1 - Beauty in Imperfection

Imperfect Intentions

A Diamond Magnate Novel

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Publisher Description

When Leon tries to force Violet into marriage, it's war for both of them. The battle is hot and dirty, and no one walks away without scars.


I never dreamed of getting married.

I dreamed about freedom.


When my stepfather promised Leon Hart a partnership in his clandestine software company, he offered me as part of the package deal. It’s a win-win situation for both men. My stepfather gets rid of his damaged stepdaughter, and Leon becomes second-in-command of the biggest underground IT operation in the country. I’ll do what I must to escape my fate.


Even if it means turning my powerful and dangerous betrothed into my worst enemy.


Note: Imperfect Intentions is Book 1 of the Beauty in Imperfection duology. Violet and Leon’s story concludes in Imperfect Affections (Book 2). This dark romance duology is part of the Diamond Magnate collection. You don't have to read the other books to follow the story.

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Beauty in Imperfection Duology
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Imperfect Intentions (Book 1)
Imperfect Affections (Book 2)

May 24
Charmaine Pauls
Charmaine Pauls

Customer Reviews

starstacy ,

Imperfect Intentions was intense!

Leon was intense, and he “always get what [he] want[s]” which was Violet. They had chemistry and an attraction that I enjoyed, but she was “fighting our attraction.” Violet was “angry, defiant and obstinate,” but I did feel for her. She could have made different choices, but as the blurb states that clearly wasn’t how this author wanted to develop this couple’s story (meaning making an enemy out of her betrothed). The tension beautifully built to a high as I waited on the edge of my seat to see what would happen. Now I have to wait for the conclusion to their story, and I have a feeling it’s going to wreck me! I requested and received an advanced copy of this ebook, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

just keep reading 1 ,

Great start to this next Beauty story

Imperfect Intentions is the first installment in this enemies to lovers story. Violet is defiant and angry, yearning for independence from her controlling stepfather. Leon, a programmer at Violet’s stepfather’s company, has set his eyes on her and wants to claim the vixen who refuses to be claimed. Their story is full of fireworks, both the fiery and steamy kind, but it also contains blackmail, betrayal, and intrigue. Charmaine Pauls always weaves an amazing tale, captivating in its entirety. I cannot wait to see how this story ends!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Couldn’t put it down!

Gah! That ending! The first book from Charmaine Pauls series is always a love/hate relationship for me. I love them so much that I hate those darn cliffhanger endings. I always want to read the 2nd book immediately, which says a lot about this authors books.

Violet is a heroine who doesn't have many choices in her life. She is fighting to change that, however Leon is about to ruin all her hard work. If only Violet knew that a life with Leon would not be a life like her mother lives.

I'm so curious how Leon is going to handle the information he got at the end of this book. Violet has him obsessed and I know he will still claim her but that claiming is going to change. I'm also hoping he does some major damage to that smug Elliot and Gus. I'm feeling vengeful on Violet's behalf.

I really can't wait to get my hands on book 2. I need to know how this is all going to play out.

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