Impregnated by Tentacle Monsters 2: Converted by the Tentacles

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Dani and Jazz find a black pearl on the beach and take it home one day. However, when Dani returns from an oversea trip, she finds out that her lover has bonded with a tentacle monster, coercing her to do the same. Slowly, but surely, it plans to train Dani into compliant breeding stock to give birth to more of its brood. Can Dani find some way to liberate herself and her lover, before they fall into the depths of a tentacle-induced pit of ecstasy?

Warning! This 8900-word story includes orgasmic lesbian sessions and triple penetration sex as a woman falls to lust and corruption by a tentacle monster.

I suddenly realized that the thing covering her body was who she was talking to. It was alive. “Jazz…what’s it done to you?”

“Made me better than ever,” she answered, with an eerie smile on her face. It explained her change in her personality. “I can’t tell you how good it feels.”

Whether it was stupid courage or a surge of protective anger, something came over me and demanded I do something about it. I ran over and grabbed her, trying to rip that thing off her. “Just hold on! I’ll get it off you!”

That was when it sprung to life, sprouting thick tentacles from gill-like flaps on its back, strong enough to hold me in place. They coiled around my limbs, fastening tight enough that a little more would bruise the skin, and the main body gave out a small gurgle. Some kind of fluid began to seep from the pores on the thick appendages and into my flesh.

My arms and legs felt numb and heavy. I panicked, breathing erratically and straining to move. “What’s happening to me?”

“It’s alright,” Jazz softly whispered in my ear. The quintuple, serpent-like appendages, forced me onto the messy bed, and she lied down next to me. “Just let it happen.”

I felt hot once the tentacles released their hold on my immobile body, lingering behind her. It was as if the room had been converted into a sauna, opening my pores to cleanse them of the impurities through sweat. “I’m burning up.”

“It isn’t doing it on purpose,” she unbuckled my belt as she spoke, tossing it on the floor. “Your body is just reacting to it for the first time like an allergy.”

The tentacles tore open my buttoned blouse and ripped the front hook of my bra off, leaving my torso exposed. The slimy, stout feelers caressed the unmarred skin with an abnormal zeal, running the tips around my breasts in circles. The damn things were molesting me.

“Help me,” I swallowed, trying not to moan at the touch. With my body burning, the moist appendages felt like cool tongues bathing me to ease it. “This tentacle monster is going to violate me!”

“It’s not a monster,” violet eyes gazed into mine with a carnal undertone. “It’s a mutualistic symbiote that I think hailed from outer of space, from the memories it showed me. I bonded with it while you were away, and now we are one.”

With a gesture of her hand, the tentacles pulled my pants away and tore my panties off without any hesitation. She sat with her back and symbiote against the headboard, the soft membrane body cushioning it, while placing me firmly between her legs and having my limp body lean against hers.

The stout things softly ran against my skin, moving at their own individual pace and touching all over. Jazz joined them, using her fingers to rub my pussy and ass tenderly, trying to get them both to open up enough for her to insert something into them.

“I can’t tell you how much we’ve been wanting to do this to you,” she kissed me on the neck. Soft squelches and sucking noises came from her covered breasts and c**t, and she let out a pleased moan. Somehow it was f*****g her while she got me aroused. “It’s a bit earlier than I planned, but now I get to enter inside every part of you.”

Fiction & Literature
September 15
Mark Desires
Draft2Digital, LLC

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