Improving Male Sexuality, Fertility and Testosterone

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Men -- Too tired to make it go at night (or anytime)? Feel beat up? Have NO libido and no interest? Are you "Sexhausted"?! You know you MUST have LOW testosterone but the docs keep telling you you're WRONG!!?!? Find out why and how to make it all better. Dr. Purser uses his 30 years practice experience and huge knowledge base to engagingly detail how you (the patient or the physician) can properly figure out that low testosterone, zero libido (sex drive) and low sperm count, then how to properly (according to research and the medical literature) treat both PLUS get your libido running on high again (like when you were 25 and healthy). You'll quickly see why he's ALWAYS voted as the most popular speaker at the many conferences at which he speaks each year! He gives the perspective of someone who's done years of endocrinology research, written tons of books on all of this, and been involved in three decades of practice. As a patient you KNOW you want more natural options considered first (something most doctors don't seem to have a clue about), and Dr. Purser details those options (and EXACTLY how to discover what you're low in) and references the literature as to why these must be looked at. His info is up-to-date (even cutting edge), easy to follow (even for physicians) ( :-) ), and gets to the real root of the problem -- you'll see why he also takes care of a LOT of physicians. He leaves no stone unturned. Have your doctor (and you) follow his advice and hopefully you'll get better quick, feel better, have better sex, and live longer with this proscribed approach. Read and enjoy! Why low testosterone and why you? Is it your gonads causing your low tes? (Rare actually -- read why) Is it central (is your pituitary, in the center of your brain, damaged?)? A lot more common problem -- and Dr. Purser tells you why, and how this occurred and how to deal with this differently. Is the cause a vitamin deficiency? Making tes is like making bread -- if you're missing a key recipe item -- BOOM! Not TES! Buy this book to find out what happens if you're deficient in a key vitamin (or 4 or 5 or 6...). Is it a mineral deficiency? You better find out why and how to figure this out. Is it an amino acid deficiency? Do you know L-arginine is what you use to make tes? Are you low? Are there others? Read about it so you can tell your doctor!! Lack of Testosterone in Men Causes Depression and Fatigue -- the "WORK DAYS" are FOREVER! Is this you? Your doctor (well meaning, don't get us wrong) has just put you on an anti-depressant that makes you feel WORSE! As a matter of fact, you feel TERRIBLE!!! And this is the THIRD one he's tried? And he's also got you on amphetamines to help with the fatigue and exhaustion? Ugh! Why? Well, you'll learn why in this well detailed book on HYPOGONADISM And what medical research says. AND what you can do about it! You're in your 30's and your doctor just suggested some Viagra? What the HECK? Find out what you can do that's MUCH better (and more natural and FDA approved for just this problem) in this easy to read inexpensive book! Yes, I said FDA approved -- most physicians don't have a clue -- they haven't read a PDR on this particular easy to use substance that can stimulate your body NATURALLY to create MORE testosterone and sperm -- it may be all you need!! Read up on this and other tricks and treatments in Dr. Purser's newest book. Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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March 15
Dan Purser MD
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