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Leah and Katherine are college roommates and easily the smartest girls on campus. Unfortunately book smarts hasn't kept them from getting played by the Zeta Pi Sorority house where after going through hell pledging the sorority, they are the only two denied entrance into the sisterhood for no reason at all.

Now the two bright but humiliated girls find themselves drinking away the frustration and embarrassment in their dorm room, badmouthing the bitches of Zeta Pi and wishing little more than evil upon those sorority sluts.

It isn't until Leah has a sudden thought, a thought well into drastic consideration territory that the two stop moping and begin plotting. Leah and Katherine are not the busty idiots that Zeta Pi tends to initiate, but they'd assumed the sorority wasn't as shallow as their reputation. Now they have a score to settle and it only makes sense they use their brains and intelligence to take down the sorority in only the most humiliating way possible.

Pulling out a book the two girls did research on for their Advanced Cult Civilizations course. Naturally it was a senior level course that the two freshmen girls excelled in and far surpassed any expectations on such an assignment, but the point Leah has is that this book claims to provide near step by step incantation instructions for summoning an imp. Apparently once summoned, the imp will see through any harm wished upon the summoner's enemies.

While even a bit drunk, the two bright girls would never wish serious harm, they know that even if this is merely a pseudoscience possibility, they can always wish humiliation on the Zeta Pi's and that would definitely be like death to girls as shallow as them.

Following the directions, chanting in perfect Latin phrases, words the idiots at Zeta Pi wouldn't even understand, Leah and Katherine successfully complete the ritual summoning, and as the light of their candle snuffs out from a breeze they naturally assume as suspected that the summoning was nonsense and nothing happened.

But then upon flipping the lights back on, there it is, the all black creature terrifying to behold, an actual imp which they summoned. In a menacing deep voice the little imp asks if they wish harm of others and after debating it, they decide that the Zeta Pi sorority house earned whatever humiliating punishment and social harm they will get.

Of course the imp with a sneer tells them that wishing harm upon others comes at a cost, and it's a cost both will need to pay if he is to follow their wishes and do anything to an entire sorority.

According to the creature, imps must be fed, a meal of sorts to proceed with their wishes, but this meal as he puts it is nothing more than milk. Mothers milk to be specific, he says, and since neither Leah nor Katherine are mothers, the feeding may... just may drain a bit of their high intelligence in the process.

After fruitlessly searching for any method of sending the imp back where he came from, the girls face the rather frightening situation of either feeding the imp and getting their revenge or refusing and having no revenge and an unhappy imp who can make their own lives hell.

Just how will the two brightest girls on campus figure their way out of this one? Do imps even need to feed or is he lying? And will they ever really have their revenge? Find out in the twisted tale where we find out that imps are pretty predictable... after all Imps just wanna have Funbags.

Halloween with the Kreme busts through some intelligence... quite literally.

Fiction & Literature
October 22
Kris Kreme
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