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The newly-crowned  16-year-old Grand Duke of Brunhild, Mochizuki Touya, is just starting to get the hang of managing a nation. What better way to christen his Duchy than to host a party with all the other royals in the region? Laughter! Fun! Pinball! But it's not all fun and games, Touya's search to uncover the truth behind the Phrase and Babylon bring him to the depths of the darkest forests, and the caps of the snowiest mountains. Not only that, but new territory means new responsibilities, and soon enough the eyes of the Vatican fall upon him. “Blasphemy!” they scream, “God is no old man, he is a magnificent being of light!” How will Touya react when even the Pope challenges the honor of the old man that gave him a new lease on life. The bells toll for a riveting tale of swords, sorcery, and... savage tribals?!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 27
J-Novel Club
J-Novel Club LLC

Customer Reviews

Togekiss1995 ,

Great... A bit iffy, but great.

When I say 'iffy', I mean that the sentences tend to start and end wherever they want. One paragraph has a case where two sentences end up not having a cut in between them where as other paragraphs will sometimes have two different characters speaking, and again, that's in a single paragraph.
It is a rather enjoyable read in my opinion and I'm really looking forwards to how the series continues.

There is one minor spoiler though for around the middle of the volume that I will be asking as a question, and that is thus;
Aren't Alraune supposed to be a species imbedded into the ground? I don't know... Maybe the species evolved to be bipedal or maybe they switch between one and another depending on the situation... What the ply do I know? I don't play Dn'D...

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