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In the final Nine Circles novel, there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, between sin and salvation. Jackie Ashenden shows what happens when a dangerously irresistible man and woman collide, in and out of the bedroom.

In Bed with the Billionaire

Known to the underworld only as Jericho, billionaire Theo Fitzgerald is one of the most powerful men in the world. But his plan is to tear down the criminal empire his father created from the inside out—unless someone else does it for him.

He suspects a bold, seductive woman named Temple Cross might be trying to take him out with it—but for the chance to burn in the heat she gives off, he’s not sure if he minds…

A hired hit woman, Temple has been waiting to get close to Jericho her whole life. The man who destroyed her family is worth looking in the eye before she kills him—but when she’s finally alone with Jericho, he’s nothing like the ruthless barbarian she imagined. Her reaction to his touch is explosively sexual—and their emotional connection is too powerful for her to ignore.

Is she his shot at redemption? Or will he have to risk losing her love to save her life?

Revenge and redemption, pain and passion collide in this stunningly emotional, edgy, sexy romance from Jackie Ashenden.

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November 1
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Not what I was expecting!

This book was kind of amazing! With a title like that, I was expecting the usual Billionaire seducing the secretary type book. Imagine my surprise when I was put into a world of crime, assassins and human trafficking. This is a dark read. You will not find a sappy romance story about a rich guy seducing a poor girl.

For those readers who like the anti-hero, you can't get more anti than Jericho. You even get the anti-heroine in Temple. Temple is an assassin who was hired for a contract on Jericho, the head of a huge human trafficking operation. This may be a job for her, but it's also personal. She has been searching for 7 years to find her sister who was sold to Jericho. 7 years, starting at the age of 15, to train and take on jobs that has finally lead her to Jericho. The problem is Jericho isn't exactly what he seems. Both may be doing bad things in the name of good, but they have delved into the dark for so long that they have blackened their souls and are hanging onto humanity by a thread. This is what was so intriguing about this story for me.

This had everything in it that just draws you in deeper with each chapter you read. I wasn't sure I was going to like this book at first. I mean they both were set on killing each other and there was a couple of intense fighting scenes. The first fighting scene...uh, just whoa! Yeah, that's all I'm gonna say on that.

It's the 5th book in the series and can be read as a standalone but it does have other characters from previous books. This book left me so intrigued that I immediately went out and bought book 1 and 2. ARC provided by NetGalley.

Kathy in Joelton ,

the best for last

i absolutely loved all of this series but this was the best one. excellent story line. The chemistry between Temple and Jericho was fantastic. it was great how all of the players were brought in for the ending. will need to read them all again.

gbrieger3 ,


This is the fifth book in the Nine Circles series and each book is a standalone, although the characters are loosely connected. This is an action packed, intense and sexy romance. Jericho and Temple are both dark, tortured souls. Jericho is a human trafficker with a good heart underneath his scarey exterior. He is a handsome, confident man with mean, cold eyes. He has many layers and they slowly unfold during the story. Even though he is involved in human trafficking, Jericho hopes to one day destroy all the heartless people he is dealing with.

Temple is a paid assassin looking for her sister who was sold into sex slavery. When Jericho and Temple meet, sparks fly. They have an intense start to their relationship and they fight both physically and mentally. They are turned on as they try to physically hurt and outwit each other. At first, neither one of them appear to have any redeeming qualities, but over time, we discover they are good people. They are doing their best in a world filled with mean, vicious people. I have to be honest, it was hard for me to connect with the characters or the story. The writing is good, but I didn't like the characters or how they treat each other and I had a hard time getting past that.

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