In Fire Born

A Collection of Three Series-Starter Dystopian Paranormal Romance Novels

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Publisher Description

They were born to survive the end of the world.

The Hunger Games meets The Princess Trials in this series-starter boxset.

Three books. Three romances. Three unforgettable heroines.

A girl who clings to hope at the end of the world. She didn't know the safety she lived in was a lie. The monsters are the only ones she can trust.

An outsider whose only wish is to protect her sister. Trapped in a dying world, she faces a terrible choice―accept the fate she was born to, or join the enemy she's sworn to destroy.

An orphan who finds adventures that reach new realms. She knew she was a witch. No one warned her that magic would force her into battle.

If you need romance, crave adventure, and aren't afraid to dive into a dystopian world, In Fire Born is the three-book, series-starter collection for you.

In Fire Born includes Girl of GlassHeart of Smoke, and The Girl Without Magic.

Readers rave about the three novels included in the In Fire Born boxset.

"I really enjoyed this novel! It's on the same level as The Hunger Games." ― BookBub Review of Girl of Glass

"A great dystopian read for fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and the Divergent series." ― BookBub Review of Heart of Smoke

"This reminded me of Doctor Who, except from the standpoint of the Doctor's assistant." ― Goodreads Review of The Girl Without Magic

Girl of Glass (Girl of Glass, Book One)

The world is ending, but Nola has been chosen to survive.

Nola has spent her life in the domes, training to protect her little piece of the world within the glass. The mission of the domes is to preserve the human race, not to help the sick and starving.

When the fate of an outsider child falls into her hands, Nola dares to venture beyond the security of her home, diving into a world of darkness and vampires. Life within the glass didn't prepare her for the realities of suffering or the depth of forbidden love.

Heart of Smoke (Heart of Smoke, Book One)

Do the work, steal the goods, keep her sister alive―a simple plan Lanni has been clinging to. With the city burning around her and vampires hiding in the shadows, making it until morning is the best she can hope for.

The Girl Without Magic (The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, Book One)

Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn't through with her.

The Siren dragged Maggie Trent out of a battle and into her Realm, a land where secrets hide in the shadows and pleasure comes at a price Maggie is unwilling to pay.

With the promise of adventure in new worlds, Maggie leaps into a journey of blood and romance.


In Fire Born is a three-book collection of first-in-series young adult dystopian novels ranging from paranormal romance to portal fantasy. Girl of Glass and Heart of Smoke weave vampires and werewolves into a mid-apocalyptic society, creating a pulse-pounding, end of the world adventure. The Girl Without Magic is a world-hopping YA fantasy featuring the feminism in fiction fans of O'Russell are sure to love.

Whether you’re in the mood for love triangles, a friends to lovers twist, or just crave young adult fiction books that feature strong female main characters, In Fire Born is the collection for you.


In Fire Born is perfect for fans of Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Victoria Aveyard, Stephenie Meyer, Heidi Catherine, K. A. Riley, Kyla Stone, Kortney Keisel, Marissa Meyer, Kami Garcia, Rick Riordan, Missy Sheldrake, Anthea Sharp, J. C. Gilbert, Meg Collette, and TR Cameron

Young Adult
April 7
Ink Worlds Press
Megan O'Russell

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