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The dead will haunt you…if you let them.

It's Inara's only fear. As one of the army's most deadly snipers—and the first woman sharpshooter ever certified—she has plenty of blood in her ledger. But until her last mission, she kept all of her emotions locked away.

He sees through me—or into me—in a way no one ever has before.

Royce's life took an unexpected turn when he had a stroke on the operating table. Now, this former soldier is fighting to reclaim his life—or what's left of it. Rebuilding his friendship with Cam, striking out on his own with tech to help others like him, he's making the best of a bad situation. Alone.

When Inara and Royce are thrown together, they start to think life might not be so bleak. Until Inara's past catches up with her and threatens to take away her future—and Royce—in one pulse-pounding moment.

Will these two lost souls be able to see the truth before it's too late?

Broken can be beautiful.

In Her Sights is a slow burn military romantic thriller. Each book in the Away From Keyboard series can be read independently, as they each feature a different couple. However, past couples and characters play active roles in future books.

April 17
PageCurl Publishing
Patricia D. Eddy

Customer Reviews

Picqeene ,

In Her Sights

Great read! I love the fact that the characters are people, flawed, human. I will read the next one.

Arieslady52 ,

Snipers, kidnappers, and who's got your back?

Inara Ruzgani has no emotions. She's a rock. An Iranian-American female who enlisted after 9/11, went the Special Forces route, and became one of the finest snipers ever retired from the military. It's the cold, compartmentalized, focus-on-the-mission that makes her a valued member of Hidden Agenda - ex-military mercs for hire who rescue kidnap victims and take out bad guys. Royce knows all about being the rock. He tried it after his best friend and bomb-disposal specialist got blown up on a mission, but it darned near wrecked them both. Now he's retired, damaged, and yet getting himself together his working life. Meeting Inara has him thinking they might get it together in a personal way - if only she can trust him enough to let him get close. Patricia D. Eddy takes the 'tough vet rescues kidnap victim' plot line down a whole new back alley in this hot romantic thriller with a side of retribution. Great characters and a sympathetic visit to the world of returning wounded warriors mark this second novel in the Away From Keyboard series, and with the HEA for Inara and Royce set up, it's a new vet's turn in the next book. I loved every bit of the suspense and the sexy times, and I totally recommend keeping up with this series. My thanks to Hidden Gems for the ARC of this book, and my strongest recommendation (independent, unbiased, and uncompensated, as always) for In Her Sights. Booyah!

Kb122 ,

Must Read!!!!!

Patricia D Eddy is a brilliant writer. From a technical standpoint, she’s pretty flawless. More than that her characters have depth and a realness that is all too rare in the romance genre. In Her Sights is such an amazing book for so many reasons! The characters are beautifully flawed to perfection. We get to know them, their insecurities and innermost demons and dreams. We root for them and cry with them. We also scream at them in frustration at times. Inara is strength and brokenness in a beautiful package. She is haunted but unrelenting in her pursuits. Royce is a haunted shell of his former self and trying to overcome his mistakes and learn to live in the wake of his physical and mental changes. When they find each other they don’t fix the other. What they do is help the other find the bravery within themselves to face their wholeness and forge towards hope. Add in suspense, foul-mouthed lovable friends, realistic military but not missions, and falling in complicated but true love and you have this amazing book. One of my favorite things about this series is Eddy’s refusal to shy away or make lite of the realities of military service, especial those in elite forces. I can’t read a lot of the military romances these days, too many bad experiences, but I eat these up like a hot and now Krispy Kreme.donut. Lol. But really, this book is one I’ll recommend a thousand times. The first in the series is amazing as well. I enjoyed reading in order but it’s not a necessity as this is truly a stand-alone.
I requested and received an arc copy of this book. I enjoyed it enough that I purchased it as well. This is my voluntary, true, and honest opinion.

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