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Lake West has always been a take charge woman, but losing her brother, Calder, sent her into a tailspin, one she hasn’t recovered from. Now living in his penthouse in New York City after joining in an interior designing partnership with Abby Wescott, Lake is still lost. She no longer has her horse business to distract her from her pain. That’s when Wilde Madigan, her AlphaGroup partners friend and billionaire steps into comfort her, causing nothing but friction with her fellow partners. But when someone from Calder’s past contacts her, she can think of nothing else but getting back to Africa, finally mourning her brother’s loss, and moving on with her life. With Wilde insisting on helping her, he and his cute Rottweiler Diesel might just take her mind off her grief. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect Wilde and his adorable pooch to get under the armor she’d erected around her heart no matter how hard she fights against his magnetic pull.

Wilde was drawn to Lake from the moment he saw her. She is trying to overcompensate for the loss of her brother by causing a ruckus and disrupting everything that Calder built. So when its suggested that he distract the California girl, Wilde knows is in deeper than he knows. That’s until his plan goes awry, and Wilde sees her heartache, even as he finds himself falling for this beauty who’s challenging his walkaway Joe mindset. Can Lake let go of her ironclad control and give herself over to Wilde’s wild ways, taking him at face value, or will his inability to settle down put the brakes on their promising relationship?

November 25
Blue Moon Creative
Blue Moon Creative LLC

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