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Second book in the USA Today bestselling Neely Kate Mystery series, a spinoff from the Rose Gardner Investigation series. 

Neely Kate’s life is finally coming together. She’s living and working with her best friend, Rose. Her newly discovered brother, Joe, has decided he’s done hiding that she’s his sister, and her new boyfriend, Jed, is everything she could have dreamed of and more. 

Only things aren’t going as well as she’d hoped. 

Neely Kate is still keeping secrets from Rose. Joe wants to introduce her as his sister at a high society dinner even though she doesn’t know the difference between a soup and a dessert spoon.  And Jed is spending more and more time away from her and won’t tell he what he’s up to. She’s worried he’s changed his mind about them, not that she’s surprised—can you build a relationship on digging up a body together?  

Now someone’s calling Neely Kate about her Ardmore secrets, and her sister Kate might be locked up on a psych ward, but she has a few surprises of her own. Neely Kate can’t help wondering if it’s time to come clean about her past with the people she loves. 

The dead body that turns up in her basement might be the kick in the pants she needs. Because the truth will set you free, or if you’re Neely Kate, land you in hot water. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 31
Denise Swank

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Thrilling. From beginning to end.

Tinasb ,


This is wonderful

HElizabethH07 ,

Answered big questions

I will start this review by saying I enjoy a lot of Denise’s books, not just Rose. But Rose is the one I read first, and she got me hooked. Before reading the Rose Gardner series, I was sort of a book snob. I thought “classics” were the only books worth reading. When I was pregnant with my five year old I couldn’t read enough. I loved mysteries and decided to try a series starter-Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. I instantly loved Rose and how relatable she was. I loved how I couldn’t put the books down. Soon, Rose felt like an old friend. It was fun to see her grow and make new connections with people.

Fast forward to this year...I read this book late nights while nursing my newborn (again lol) and it was just what I needed. I don’t look forward to many things as much as I wait for a new release of these books. I loved that Kate was a big part of the story and we learn more about what she’s doing behind the scenes. Neely Kate is my favorite character and I can’t get enough of her! This book provided her with some closure that she waited for, for a long time now. I have a feeling it’s leading up to a new chapter of her life that she deserves! I tried to read slowly but I finished this entirely too fast.

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