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When Ella Bridge fell for Alfred Striker, she thought she’d found the one. But then, days before she left for France as part of a professor exchange program, Striker walked away. Now she’s back home in North Salem, determined to ignore him no matter how tempting she still finds him.

Before Ella, Striker lived a carefree life, responsible for no one’s happiness but his own. With Ella, though, images of minivans and white picket fences started to surface, and he bolted. Striker quickly realized walking away from Ella was the biggest mistake he ever made. With her home, he’s determined to win her back.

Although she’s positive it’s a big mistake, Ella agrees to give Striker a month. Can Striker prove to Ella that he loves her, or will he break her heart again? 

In His Kiss is the fourth book in USA Today Best Selling Author Christina Tetreault’s Love On The North Shore Series. While it can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books, too.

March 31
Christina Tetreault
Christina Tetreault

Customer Reviews

PattiA810 ,

Second chance to make it right

A sweet second chance story that brings Ella and Striker back together after a scared Striker suddenly breaks up with a devastated Ella.

DM0402 ,

Not a bad one!

Honestly, I’ve come to set the bar very low with free books. If I like it enough not to immediately delete, I usually give it three stars. This one is an easy read and it does keep your attention.

What I liked was the cheesy aspect being kept to a simmer vs. strong boil. I’d say 6/10 on the cheesiness. Could very well be a Lifetime movie that wouldn’t make you cringe every 2 minutes.

What I wasn’t a fan of how easily she agreed to go running back to him. She’s single, at a wedding, has a fabulous dress, why not get to know this Dakota for a hot minute? That, and her inability to keep her mouth from running at times. She could have let the Paris thing go, but of course, there has to be some cliche turmoil, right?

There are parts that cut to the next day when I’d have rather heard more about what followed. How they left it at the wedding after talking outside, the night of the hotel with two beds and no extracurricular activities, and a few others. Nothing major, just wished there were more there for those parts.

This also begins to set up for the next book and there are segments where it is the next book’s characters telling their stories.

All in all, not cringeworthy for a free book. Will I buy the next one?Meh, maybe not since when I purchase books it is usually by authors I love already or free books I thoroughly enjoy and feel the need to finish out the stories. Thought I’d leave a review since there were so few.

viro1963 ,

Loved it

The characters were engaging and well developed. Will she give him another chance at her heart. Will he be able to convince her that he loves her that’s the theme for this well written love story.

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