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Wynn family bonds bend but never break. . . . “Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me.”—Carly Phillips

JP Wynn: I admit, I’ve made some bad choices—on and off the ice.
Now all I want to do is show my team I can control my emotions while I’m playing and redeem myself with my family, especially with my brother, Théo.
I hate that I hurt him and I’m determined to stay out of trouble. 
But the hot bridesmaid at Théo’s wedding is tempting me into another bad decision.
A little flirting and a hook up with Taylor seem harmless . . . until Manny Martinez jumps me on the dance floor and starts beating the crap out of me.
And just like that I add one more bad decision to my résumé.
Taylor Hart: I always thought hockey players were hot. Now I think they’re crazy.
Manny broke my heart when he got traded to another team and left without even a goodbye.
Then he showed up at my best friend’s wedding. All I wanted to do was show Manny that I was over him.
And the groom’s sexy brother, JP, seemed more than willing to be my distraction.
But after the way everything went down, I want nothing to do with any of them. 
Easier said than done. Especially when Lacey’s new brother-in-law is always around. . . .
And I keep thinking about the wedding night, when we snuck away to his room for the best sex of my life.

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July 23
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Customer Reviews

JoPozzuto ,

Not my favorite hockey romance

I went into this book having not read the first in the series, but with a deep love for any hockey romance stories.

The highlight of this book for me was definitely JP. He felt genuine and realistic, and was trying to be a better person throughout the book while still being relatable and human. I know I would be happy to be on the receiving end of his affections!

(That being said, A for the bedroom scenes)

There was some decent banter, the hockey references were good (she's one of the first authors I've come across that have actually detailed what goes on during training camp), the yoga scenes were fun, and who doesn't love a guy with a soft spot for a golden retriever?

I will say though, the big time jumps felt weird, some phrases got repetitive, and at times the voices of all the characters sounded the same, so it was hard to tell who was narrating (or really care for that matter). It all blended together, and not in a good way. A part of this is because of the first issue below.

There were two main issues I had that really prevented me from enjoying this book, and makes me hesitant to read more in this series. First, the whole family drama/dynamic. There was a lawsuit that kept being alluded to, who owned/worked for what team, who was mad at who and how were they related? The grudges that were held onto for no apparent reason and petty drama. It was too much and it seriously took away from the story rather than add to it. If you want to read a book with a glossary of family members at the beginning, then go to town, but it was unnecessarily complicated for me.

Secondly, I really and truly disliked Taylor. She was so forgettable, immature, and annoying. Like, come on, I just couldn't stop rolling my eyes from the moment she ran out of the wedding on. Her characterization and perspective felt incredibly superficial, and she did little more than whine through the entire book. I would have given the book 2.5 stars but she made me drop it by 0.5 because I was that annoyed by her. She continuously made cringeworthy, terrible choices. JP kept saying he wasn't a good enough person for her, but let's be honest it was the other way around.

Some people may really enjoy this book, but there were just too many negatives for me and I couldn't really get immersed in it. I do wonder if it would be different if I read the first book in the series first!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided to me through NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

KindleKat64 ,


Kelly Jamieson has done it again with another amazing hockey series and a great family to easily fall in love with!! I adore the Wynn's and am totally fascinated by their incredibly complicated family dynamic. This story is sweet, fun, hot, sexy and heartwarming all wrapped into one! In this second book of the series, JP Wynn has a chance to redeem himself after being firmly placed out of his family's good graces for some poor choices he made. Honestly, I love JP and am happy he is trying to put the past behind him and be a better man. Taylor and Byron are very good for him!! He and Taylor have some serious chemistry and attraction from the start! Their wedding hook-up was flaming hot! But they sort of went back to square one after that. I loved watching their relationship bloom again from there. It certainly was not without complication and drama, but the way it was worked out and those who help along the way, made the story that much heartier. I love that we get so much of the other family members in the story too! I can't wait for Everly's HEA next and more of the Wynn family!!!!

12toot ,

Loved it!

I really liked this book. I enjoyed JP and Taylor together. The sparks just flew off both of them whenever they were together, even when JP, especially, was trying to be on his best behavior. I was sure that I would like this story but it exceeded my expectations. I liked JP and his mouth. Taylor and her love for her dog. What’s not to like? A book about hockey, family, and a bad boy, not much better than that!

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