In-Memory Data Management

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In the last fifty years the world has been completely transformed through the use of IT. We have now reached a new inflection point. This book presents, for the first time, how in-memory data management is changing the way businesses are run. Today, enterprise data is split into separate databases for performance reasons. Multi-core CPUs, large main memories, cloud computing and powerful mobile devices are serving as the foundation for the transition of enterprises away from this restrictive model. This book provides the technical foundation for processing combined transactional and analytical operations in the same database. In the year since we published the first edition of this book, the performance gains enabled by the use of in-memory technology in enterprise applications has truly marked an inflection point in the market. The new content in this second edition focuses on the development of these in-memory enterprise applications, showing how they leverage the capabilities of in-memory technology. The book is intended for university students, IT-professionals and IT-managers, but also for senior management who wish to create new business processes.         

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April 17
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Customer Reviews

Sam Sliman ,

Valuable Insight Into the Big Data & In-Memory Revolution

If you are looking to understand the next generation of information technology and the hype surrounding "Big Data", look no further than Hasso Plattner and Alexander Zeier's groundbreaking book, "In-Memory Data Management: Technology and Applications". As the authors demonstrate, processor power and memory capacity have reached inflection points where we can realistically envision a new world of applications built on in-memory technology that are capable of crunching massive amounts of data in real time. They articulate for us just how critical in-memory breakthroughs are to this next phase of technological progress and describe in fascinating detail the basic design of a prototype columnar storage database that makes use of advanced compression algorithms and multi-core processing to turbocharge both analytical and transaction processing systems. It is easy to envision the new world of enterprise, analytical, cloud and mobile applications that leverage in-memory technology to put information and insight into the hands of users instantaneously. And in 2012 few can disagree with the last chapter, "The In-Memory Revolution Has Begun", when you see the very real-life success of the SAP HANA platform that is based on the concepts in this revolutionary book. It should be required reading for anyone working at the intersection of business and technology today.

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