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She’s been hired to ghostwrite a CEO’s autobiography…
Yep, that CEO. The one who broke her heart.

When Kate’s agent gets her the job of writing Trent’s autobiography, she almost balks. The charismatic founder of his own outdoor clothing company dumped her when they were in college. But she needs the money.

Trent’s been so busy lately, he completely forgot he was supposed to be writing a book, and the draft is due soon. He wants Kate as the ghostwriter: she’s experienced, and she was always smart and hard-working. They can keep things professional, right?

In funny and touching ways, the project gives them a fresh perspective on the past, even prompting a road trip to Trent’s hometown that uncovers forgotten feelings. But will they both have the courage to start a new chapter in life?

This second chance romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Guacamole Grilled Chicken Club Sandwiches.

April 21
Hallmark Publishing
Perseus Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

JQ1023 ,


Thoroughly enjoyed this book, well written. Made me smile, made me cry. A love story I didn’t want to put down until I got to the end. Highly recommend this book.

777sails ,

In Other Words, Love

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a good book and I did enjoy it. As it was an ARC, there were a few grammatical errors but I did not deduct the star for them.

These characters were supposed to be close to 40 but there were times that I felt they were much younger. This was the case I felt with Trent especially. His relationship with his father is such the case. He never tried to see his father's point of view in their disagreement. Sections where the characters looked back into their college days didn't paint Trent in a favorable light either in my opinion.

My heart bled for Kate on the other hand. She is a ghostwriter for "autobiographies". She needs an assignment or two, as royalties are down, to fix her apartment's leaky roof and her grandma's furnace. Out of the blue her agent calls. There is a request for a quick turn-around and the money offered is substantial. The drawback, it is to write her ex-boyfriend's book. He is the highly successful owner of an outdoor clothing manufacturing company. He dropped her out of the blue right after she graduated.

This book is written in a dual POV format. I always appreciate this as it helps me to identify with the characters. I really needed it here.

Again Trent posed a problem for me. I did enjoy the story and just because I had some problems with that character doesn't mean that others won't. Plus, I don't really expect to identify with characters all the time. There are some that take some time for them to grow on me. Trent was that character here. He did redeem himself as it was true that it does they weren't ready for "true love" at that early of age.

This is a clean second chance romance book. There is nothing that should offend anyone.

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