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“ …delightful—and more importantly thoughtful—book ... Lala writes with conviction and sincerity ... those who think they are ‘leaders’ should read this book.” — MV Kamath in The Times of India

“The subject is fascinating ... and Russi Lala’s fresh approach had made it extremely interesting.” — JRD Tata

“ … excellent book ... he has made a great study of this subject.” — Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

What makes for great leadership? Can it be learnt? If so, what are the essential value and qualities that go into its making?

By studying the lives, successes and failures of some of mankind’s greatest leaders, the author identifies thirteen qualities of leadership:

● Communication

● Compassion

● Competence

● Courage

● Decision-making

● Humility

● Integrity

● Man-management

● Purpose

● Stamina

● Teamwork

● Training, and

● Vision

The importance of each of these qualities is highlighted by examples from the lives of outstanding leaders.

In a time of increasing ethical ambivalence, the new chapter on J. R. D. Tata's business ethics is particularly illuminating. It brings out the wide canvas on which this titan of Indian industry chose to both define and practice ethics with remarkable business success.

The instances of great leaders chosen by the author are drawn from different walks of life and the rich insights and understandings offered by the book would benefit leaders in every field of human endeavour, whether it be business, military, public service or education.

About the Author:

Russi M. Lala started his career in journalism in 1948 at the age of nineteen. In 1959 he became the manager of the first Indian book publishing house in London and in 1964 he founded (with Rajmohan Gandhi) Himmat Weekly, which he edited for a decade. His first book, The Creation of Wealth, now available in a revised edition, was published to critical and commercial acclaim in 1981. This was followed by other books, including Beyond the Last Blue Mountain: A Life of J. R. D. Tata (1992), Celebration of the Cells: Letters from a Cancer Survivor (1999), A Touch of Greatness: Encounters with the Eminent (2001), and For the Love of India: The Life and Times of Jamsetji Tata (2004).

R. M. Lala's books have been translated into other languages, including Japanese. For eighteen years he was director of the Tata's premier trust, the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust. He is the co-founder of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy and was its Chairman from 1993 to 2008.

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