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Lilah is an adventurous, fun-loving biologist who loves exploring the woods. One day, as she’s taking algae samples from a river, something crashes behind her in the trees, and, being sensible, she beats a hasty path back toward the nearest town.

But, to her shock, to her horror, a beast she thought existed only in books and movies chases her through the woods, and corners her in a clearing. Krot, the ancient werewolf, is unable to control himself, and slakes his lust before taking Lilah back to his alpha to see if she really is the prophesied woman who will lift the curse on his people.

Then, in the alpha’s den, Lilah must pass a test – she has to prove that she’s strong enough, passionate enough, and hardy enough to withstand Javen’s lovemaking. After all, if she can’t take that part, how can she possibly be the mother to the pack?


His nose, cold against my skin, excited me all over again, and when I felt those long, horrible teeth gently scratching me where he bit between my breasts, ripping my shirt and tearing through the sports bra I always wore in the woods, I felt myself...lighten...like I was floating in water. And aside from all that, his scent – leathery, smoky, earthy, it made my thoughts start rattling in my head. Something about his pure, raw, animal masculinity drove me nuts.

Lifting his paw from my shoulder, he braced himself and yanked on my shirt, rending it from where it was tucked into my safari shorts, and snarled as he flung it violently to one side. The cool air caressed me, stiffening my nipples even as the heat from the monster’s breath soothed the goosebumps his pawing, scratching and biting had forced upon me.

I was never one for rough stuff before. My last boyfriend tried to spank me, and even that little bit of naughty play was enough to get me to clam up. But this...this was something entirely different.

It’s a wolf, you idiot, he’s not going to-


“What? You need me?” Instinctively, I put my hands on either side of his massive head, and almost fainted when I felt those jaw muscles clench and relax. So powerful, so strong. If there was any doubt in my mind that this creature could rip me limb from limb, it vanished right then. But still, he hadn’t killed me yet, which was a good sign. And...he needed me?

“You need me? For what?”

He snapped the air like something invisible was tormenting him. When he gnashed his teeth, he was barely contained. Wild, savage, and intensely powerful. “To...breed...young...” he paused for a moment and then said “prophecy” in the same strained, taut voice.

Fiction & Literature
May 30
Ashe Land Publications
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