In the Belly of the Night In the Belly of the Night

In the Belly of the Night

Dark Fantasy Women’s Action Fiction

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A different kind of hero… A lifetime ago on a dark and lonely night back in the jungles of South East Asia, a hole was torn in the curtain that divides Here and There. A handful of men survived that night to fight the evil. Joe Horn is one of them.

Shadows in the City (Joseph Horn Prequel)

Horn’s spent the past twenty five years running, always one step ahead of a nightmare. He has no home, and he never sleeps. He roams the streets, always alert. He does not need emotional complications. But he wants to know what the mystery woman’s seeking down there. And following her into hell is just the beginning…

In The Belly of The Night (Joseph Horn 1)

Ordinarily Horn wouldn’t consider crossing over to the other side. It’s suicide, with red flashing lights. But Fat Freddy, Booger, Cruiser and Matt have disappeared, and there’s no one else to stand up for them… no one cares when the victims are the disenfranchised. Someone has to avenge their deaths…

Seeking the Rift (Joseph Horn 2)

One woman has the vision to understand Joe, the heart to love him -- and the strength to defend him, even from him self. Which is good, because Joe Horn has this obsession. He calls it the Muck Drippy thing. Fortunately Joe and his friend Ralph share everything. Including Joe’s obsession. And maybe his woman, if she has her way.

Promises to Keep  (Joseph Horn 3)

If Joe can’t close the rift and send Muck Drippy and his friends back where they came from, there will be hell to pay. Literally. Fortunately for Joe, he’s not alone. He has Sarah. And Raphael. And Sally. And Mitch. And Mary. For a loner with no family and no ties, he’s developed a hell of a fan club. Together they might just be strong enough to save humanity from the things that hide in the dark at the top of the stairs…

February 23
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

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