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The author Dorothy Dickerson invites her readers to come along with her as she embarks on journeys that even she didn't know were going to take some surprising and shocking turns for the worst as she travelled along the way. The journeys traveled by the author started out as being fun and exciting, but then, she found herself traveling down dark and dreary pathways. Sometimes it seems like it was to the point of no return, and there was no way out. Abuse in forms of economic, physical, sexual, social, and emotional was all experienced during the author's path.
Have you ever stared death in the face and had no time to run or walk away from it? Well, the author has been there. Oh but, by the grace and mercy of God, she survived. The grace of God brought her back. Hallelujah! The author lived to tell her story, and she wanted everyone who feel hopeless in their situation to know that there is hope. Prayer works, and God does answer prayer.
There is no fun in being scorned, abused, neglected, and abandoned. The author has experienced it all by the very persons who she thought who loved her the most. Due to the author's experiences, she developed hatred in her heart to the point where she contemplated on hiring someone to commit a crime for her. The pressure of life had gotten so hard until the author had suicidal thoughts of self-harming and of killing herself. When the pressure of life seems to weigh you down, just look unto God who undoubtedly will bring you out. Please know there is victory in the midst of all your trials and tribulations, and you don't have to travel your journey alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel! There is peace in the valley! The author would like to invite you to try Jesus. Jesus is the answer to every situation!

July 22
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
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