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A classic novel of man's future and fate, written by the eminent American physicist and award-winning author of Timescape.
2034. An indistinguishable sound is heard from the depths of space and one member of the search and survey team, Nigel, believes he knows its origins. 15 years earlier, he was the astronaut sent to implode a firey comet as it hurtled toward the Asian subcontinent. Once inside the fissure he made an unlikely discovery: an abandoned alien ship. Against his better judgment, Nigel carried out his mission, destroying the vessel-but not before clandestinely removing alien data and technology from on board. Now, as the team sets forth on a new adventure of discovery, Nigel's past will collide with the present, introducing him to wonders beyond human comprehension.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 31
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hot Joyce ,

Why so expensive?

I mean, really, why? Ever done a supply and demand curve where piracy was also a factor? :p

4 stars for the book. 0 stars for the price gouging

Shepard13 ,

Price Gouging!!!!!

It is ridiculous to sell a book that was originally published 34 years ago for $10.99. The Hatchette group is living up to their name in my opinion by shafting Mr. Benford's fans with this ridiculous price. Books older than 20 years should NOT be sold for more than $2.99. Other books that are paperbacks should not be sold in ebook format for more than $4.99. This publisher appears to be selling this item as a new release price along with some of Benford's other Galactic Center works. That's a real shame. Mr. Benford should take note and discuss this with the publisher in my opinion. Until then, I will not purchase these ebooks.

Scuromago ,

Beginning of a fantastic story...

In the Ocean of night is the first book in a six book series called the Galactic Center Saga. It is one of the best and truly epic hard science fiction stories ever written. Those who think that just because a book was written before they were born is not worth purchasing are ….well, I don't think the iTunes Store will let me say what I think they are. This is the first book of a great series and well worth the price.

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