In the Shadow of the Great White Wall In the Shadow of the Great White Wall

In the Shadow of the Great White Wall

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The Goddess has won her battle, but her love, the Dark Lord, continues in his struggle for dominion.  Puryn wrestles with gaining control of his ravaged and lawless lands.  New smaller wars simmer in all locales around his borders as vile pretenders rise with claims of title and rights to foreign thrones.  Civil war and strife threaten to derail the fragile peace of neighboring kingdoms.  Evil seemingly survives and pushes to bring their Lord to the Ert to exact his revenge. 

A new band of heroes is called to action as the new generation takes up the mantle of their elders.  Theirs is the task of bringing the King's vision to pass.  The teams are young, but they are the best that Yslan has to offer.  A tenuous future rests in the hands of the unproven few.  

"The Ert was a smoky, charred mess of disorder, chaos, and violence, and despite the gilded words of a victor's Scribes and Heralds, real people suffered in those first few years after the great reckoning of the Goddess. The official truth is always skewed, and seldom bears a resemblance to the reality of what happened.  Humankind is known to tell a good tale when the drink is good, or the lady listening is fair, or when the truth is too ugly to remember. Many times, a scribe takes poetic license with the events of man, washing facts with cleansing waters of prose and legend. More often than not, fairy-tales are not written for the children of men, but instead for adults seeking comfort in better memories of their past deeds. These prettier versions of the truth soothe the guilt of many past indiscretions. This tale is not one of those stories. This account is of what happened next."  -The Ancient Tome of Lore

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 22
Austin Belanger
Ingram DV LLC

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