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Reeling from the death of her parents, eldest daughter Octavia strives to be a source of strength for her sisters. She defies their grandfather’s high-handed meddling—and his desire to see the Staunton girls married. She forges her own path to independence, which leads to the gates of Caswell Hall. There, the governess has just quit her post, leaving a vacant spot in the local lord’s household.

Simon, Viscount Althorne, is impressed by the sensible, dark-haired beauty, and hires her to teach his wayward young niece. He resents the loss of his carefree bachelor days, and longs to see the child settled so that he may return to London. But one perfect English summer turns their plans upside down, and he becomes inexplicably drawn to the one woman he cannot have—the governess.

Can Simon convince her that he is a gentleman worth loving? Will Octavia allow herself to fall for a man beyond her reach? Or will class and duty separate them forever?

September 5
Fifty Forty Productions
Allyson Head

Customer Reviews

Crazybunnylady20 ,

Sweet story, passionate romance

I was completely taken in by Simon and Octavia’s love story, as well as the love that develops between them for Leah.

The characters were well-written and their romance was built on love more than lust. I would not, however, call this a “clean” romance, but rather a “wholesome” romance—as there are a few passionate embraces throughout and one sex scene—but the storyline itself is full of integrity and virtue. If you’re more into clean romances like me, I would skip through the one scene and read the rest because it really is worth it.

4 out of 5 stars!

NewEarthorBust ,

4 stars

Very sweet, fun story.

NannahC ,


This is one of the best historical romance novels I’ve read in a long time. To those who commented that the story was long-winded, I disagree. The plot was planned out well and each part of it was enjoyable — not at all boring. This book featured a hero who doesn’t harbor some awful, tragic secret from his past (very refreshing) and the romance doesn’t even necessarily begin from a place of lust. It all develops very naturally, and I absolutely love and recommend this book!

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