In Walked Trouble

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With a deadly target on his back, DEA agent Luke Calder’s plan is to drink away his impending demise. Except instead of getting blessedly drunk, in walks a woman with a much deeper story than she’s leading on. And he definitely wants to know more. Especially when he learns she might have intel he needs.He’s not cool with lying to her, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And what starts out as simple surveillance turns into so much more.

Cassandra Stone is having a bad night. Her boyfriend’s been cheating because she’s not “ adventurous enough” in bed. So, she does the next logical thing—she goes in search of a dark, dangerous one-night stand. Instead, she finds smoldering eyes, deep dimples, and the killer smile of a guy who won’t leave her alone. Damn him. He says and does all the right things, making Cass believe that good men still exist. Until she learns why he took an interest in her in the first place.

Each book in the Under Covers series is STANDALONE:

*On Her Six
*In Walked Trouble
*The Man I Want to Be

July 31
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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Kristie Koste ,

A seductive tale of drugs, danger, life, and love...Christina Elle delivers the goods with this one

In Walked Trouble
By: Christina Elle

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie K

A seductive tale of drugs, danger, life, and love…Christina Elle delivers the goods with this one…

In Walked Trouble combines some of my favorite things…smokin’ hot FBI agent? Check! Undercover drug operation? Check! Beautiful heroine with a heart of gold, and the soul of an angel? Check! Hot, funny, and lovable supporting characters? Check! Amazing sexual chemistry, plenty of action (both in and out of the bedroom), and bad guys galore? Check, check, and CHECK!! Luke Calder is the smokin’ hot FBI agent I aforementioned, and is working an undercover op with his fellow DEA agents deep in the heart of Baltimore. With a target on his back a mile wide from the drug lord he’s chasing, Luke has no business getting involved with a woman…and has no intention to…until a gorgeous, doe-eyed woman walks into the bar looking for trouble. Unable to keep himself from the woman, he finds himself liking her, and saving her from utter embarrassment. What he doesn’t realize, though, is that this woman is going to be much more trouble than he bargained for. Cassandra Stone has a heart bigger than the state of Texas, and a deeply ingrained need to help others. As a high school guidance counselor at one of Baltimore’s most at-risk schools, Cass has her work cut out for her. Seeing potential in those that don’t see it for themselves is a gift Cass possesses, and she will stop at nothing to see that those students truly see their possibilities. When this drive puts her right between Luke’s team and the drug dealers they are tracking, things get a little sticky. Luke has to find out what she knows, without compromising the mission…or falling in love.

I loved this book! The characters were well developed, with a depth and emotion that many authors can’t effectively convey. They crawl into your heart, and under your skin, demanding that you keep reading and loving them more. The plot and storyline were not unique, but handled in a way that felt new and refreshing. The twists and turns to the plot kept you guessing, and the inevitable danger held you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Elle is an incredible writer with an amazing talent for storytelling. From the gorgeous cover, to the blurb, and everywhere in between, In Walked Trouble was a hell of a ride!

Kristie K

bh313@hotmail ,


LOVED this book! Just the right mix of romance, steam, and suspense. With great characters and an intriguing storyline this was a very satisfying read.

Luke Calder is a DEA agent with a target on his back. The last thing he should be doing is getting involved with a woman but when Cassandra Stone walks through the bar door he is immediately drawn in. Cassandra fresh out of a relationship where she was told she was unadventurous is on the lookout for a bad bad to prove she has what it takes. Luke doesn't fit the bill but he's fun. The next day back at work Cassandra is caught up in a DEA surveillance of a drug deal. Luke can't figure out why she's there or how's she's involved but he's determined to find out. That's how their relationship starts and it only gets wilder from there!

Definitely a book I recommend. It's a fast paced read and one you don't want to miss.

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