In Your Corner In Your Corner
Book 2 - Redemption

In Your Corner

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Publisher Description

A Publishers Weekly Best Summer Book

He rules in the ring, but can he rule her heart?

Two years ago, Jake and Amanda were going hot and heavy. But when Jake wanted more, Amanda walked away. Jake immersed himself in mixed martial arts, living life on the edge. But that didn't dull the pain of Amanda's rejection—until a chance encounter throws them together.

A high-powered lawyer, Amanda was a no-strings-attached kind of girl. But two years after her breakup with Jake, she still hasn't found anyone who gets her heart pumping the way he did. And then he shows up in her boardroom, hot as sin and needing help...

Jake is darker, sexier, and impossible to resist. As their chemistry builds, Amanda's not sure if she can stay in control, or if she's finally willing to let him claim her body and soul.

More praise for Against the Ropes: A Publishers Weekly Top Romance

"Smart, sharp, sizzling and deliciously sexy."—Alison Kent, bestselling author of Unbreakable

"Fifty Shades of Grey meets Fight Club."—RT Book Reviews

July 1
Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Redemption #2: In Your Corner

In Your Corner by Sarah Castille is the second devastatingly delicious book in her Redemption series. This book focuses on Amanda and Jake. We first met these two in book one, Against the Ropes. Amanda was Makayla's best friend and was hitting it hot and heavy with Jake, one of the fighters at the Redemption club.

***Spoiler Alert for book 1****
We pick up two years down the road, Amanda and Jake are still split and Makayla and Torment are still together. Amanda has a great job with a high profile law firm and is reunited with Jake when he turns out to be the new client she's been instructed to meet with. She reads Jake's reaction badly and assures him she'll have someone else assigned to his case. One thing leads to another and her boss propositions her and she quits her job.

Amanda does what Amanda does best and tries to screw the pain away by choosing the seediest bar in the worst part of town and winds up getting rescued by some of the Redemption guys, one of which is Jake. He can't handle the fact that he thought he might have lost her before he had a chance to have her again. Amanda is stunned, relieved and thinking the same thing.

Between their own efforts and those of close and caring friends, circumstances conspire to keep pushing these two at each other. Amanda feels like she let Jake down two years ago and it's due to a fatal flaw within herself, Jake feels as though he pushed too hard too fast and then wasn't forgiving enough when Amanda tried to make amends.

There's a lot of stuff going on in here - corporate conspiracies, breaking and entering, bondage and spanking [GRINS]...But it is another powerful story written with depth and humor, heat and compassion, chock full of characters you'll care for and will want to read more about.

crtl-freak007 ,

No thanks.

I stumbled upon this book after reading the mob trilogy. I didn’t read the first book, but wasn’t really necessary. This book gave me whip lash so much to the point I just quit. Jake and Amanda really can’t figure it out and it’s just annoying. I’m not convinced jake is the alpha male, dominating, overprotective man. Amanda isn’t really that like able at all. She’s a promiscuous woman with trust issues. Lost of contradiction through out the book with jake wanting to take it slow and sleeping with her in the same breath 🙄. This is supposed to be s second chance kind of relationship but the chemistry just isn’t there. Book needs major character development and a better organic glow of the relationship to be believable. I won’t bother reading the rest or going back for book 1.

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